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Why is wrestling so popular?

Wrestling is probably one of the oldest sports on the planet that exists. Mankind has been grappling and wrestling each other ever since we stood up and learned to walk. 

Wrestling is linked to our instincts, to our fight or flight response. 

I think one of the biggest reasons for its phenomenal success is that it is a form of theater.

Wrestling can be both fake and real at the same time. 

The ring holds a promise of violence coupled with ultimate drama. The fact that it is a simulated combat doesn't make it any less exciting to viewers. 

After all, we still howl at special effects in movies, don't we?

History of Wrestling

Wrestling is an art of fighting and combat. It is a sport that requires the utmost endurance, dedication to learn, and knowledge of your opponent. 

The wrestlers are trained in wrestling since they are small children. Wrestling is believed to have originated thousands of years back in ancient Egypt

They used to wrestle with the dead bodies of their enemies for the entertainment of their king.

The history of wrestling in America consists of a variety of professional wrestling styles and performers in the United States; from the early part of the 19th century until today. 

Professional wrestling emerged as a fully-fledged industry by the turn of the 20th century. 

While there are no precise records for its birth (proto-wrestling dates back to ancient Greece), it is generally recognized that pro wrestling was established during the late 19th century in the US. 

By the turn of the century, wrestling was quickly becoming recognized as both an exciting and viable sport and leisure activity for young men in regional hubs like Boston, New York, and Chicago.

Best Wrestling Player in the World

One of the most intriguing and most discussed competitions in all of sports is that between wrestling players. 

Sometimes only a few wrestlers enter each weight class, because the recognition is reserved for those players who meet the high standard.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

He was one of THE greatest WWE superstars in the 1990s. For many of us born in the eighties, he was the guy to look up to. In those days, we watched the WWE on television and WWE events were our Super Bowl for us. 

The image of Stone Cold Steve Austin became a part of every child’s dream, and many adults still remember how they related to one of his catchphrases ‘Austin 3:16’.

The Undertaker

It doesn’t matter if you're a wrestling fan or not, you WILL remember The Undertaker. This man has been a familiar face in the WWE for 25 years. He is respected and revered by his peers, and is one of the most respected individuals in sports entertainment. 

The Undertaker’s legacy will live on forever as he is one of only a handful of wrestlers to ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame…

Triple H

It has been almost 15 years since the fall of WCW and one wrestler has been a constant on top of WWE. Triple H has had his ups and downs but he is now, more than ever before, in control of the company. 

So with a bevy of talent walking out that door to take up various roles in Hollywood you have to wonder where Triple H will go from here.

The sport of American wrestling is as old as the United States. Roughly 200 years ago, professional wrestling was in its infancy and was very bare-bones.

There was no predetermined outcome and matches were not televised or filmed. Competitors performed at gyms, fairs, and other public events. It wasn’t until the sport saw an increase in popularity that more elaborate forms of American wrestling came to be.

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