The Twi’lek are a humanoid species from the planet Ryloth in the Star Wars universe. 

They also make up one of my favourite alien species. I was playing Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic about a decade ago and fell in love with the Twi’lek character Mission Vao. 

This included her naming me everything I could think of when creating a character. So I decided to turn that into a go-to name generator for personal use for any time you need one!

I have always been fascinated by Star Wars, especially Twi’leks. They have some of the most unique and beautiful hair color combinations in the galaxy. This interest in the fictional alien species came to life when I needed to create a large amount of Twi’lek names for a Dragon Age role playing forum. 

I had never created names before but it started off easy enough. 

I would go onto images and haphazardly choose a few letters. This soon became very frustrating when I had images with only one letter in them! 

After all the suffering I decided to build one: Here is the Twi’lek Name Generator. 

Other Star Wars Species

Fictional universes are filled with so many amazing creatures. Though Star Wars covers the universe which is a wide expanse of many planets, there are certain species from that galaxy which have been loved by its fans all around the world. 

Here are the most famous fictional characters from Star Wars.


Before becoming a general in the army of the Galactic Republic, Utapaun served as a member of the Jedi Order. When Order 66 was revealed by Chancellor Palpatine, he was on Coruscant where he quickly fled and joined his master, Cin Drallig, who was already a general in the army of the Republic. After Cin Drallig’s death during the Battle of Kashyyyk shortly after Order 66 had been enacted, Utapaun became a General himself and took control of the 212th Attack Battalion.


Gand was a Human Jedi Knight during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. He served as a General in the Grand Army of the Republic, and was a member of the Jedi High Council during the Clone Wars. He trained his Padawan, Echuu Shen-Jon, to Knighthood. Gand disagreed with Jedi Master Mace Windu on how to deal with the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, and later exiled himself prior to Order 66.


Clawdites are a race of bipedal humanoids from the Fictional Star Wars universe. Although they were not prominent in the Original trilogy. They were first introduced by George Lucas in his USC student short film, "THX 1138 4EB", released in 1969. This was later developed into a full feature film, "THX 1138" released in 1971.


The great thing about Star wars (apart from the fact that it’s entirely delightful) is that it makes you look at things differently. Your normal daily routine suddenly seems more interesting and awe inspiring. Why did I pick up this pen to start writing? That’s a Kitonak! Sure you might think it sounds a little silly, but if you let yourself get into the habit of noticing Kitonaks, you’ll start noticing all kinds of weird stuff.


Dressellians are humanoid creatures that have two arms and two legs, with most having a tail. Their home world of Dressel is located in the Abrion sector, on the inner edge of the Outer Rim Territories. The Dressellians were one of many species repopulating the galaxy after the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War ended.


Yarkora is a planet located in the Outer Rim. It is a hot and humid world with 44% of its surface covered with water. 

Yarkoras is home to the tallest non-sentient species in the galaxy, averaging about 2.4 meters in height, and are characterised by a rubbery hide, large dark eyes, long arms and legs and they have two prehensile tails they use for swimming.


The Quarren are an aquatic species native to the planet Mon Calamari in the Star Wars universe. 

They coexist with the Mon Calamari and the Mon Calamarians (who migrated from Coruscant) but share a fairly hostile relationship with them while aligning themselves along with the Seekers of The Old Ways, however having been shown to not always being afraid of those who are like minded as them.

Anyway I hope Twi’lek name generator helps you