It doesn’t matter. Just push the button and the generator will create one. 

It works for both players and moderators because it includes support and game creation.

There are so many things to worry about when running a league. 

You’ve got people to keep happy, drama to avoid, and rules to enforce. 

And let’s not forget of all the paperwork that comes with having a league with insurance and contracts to keep on hand. 

It can be a lot at first, but you’ll master it in time as you gain more experience and confidence. 

But what you don’t have to worry about is creating role plays for every single newbie: because with the Roleplay Generator, now you don’t have to! 

It works by randomly selecting three concepts, critiquing them based on their effectiveness, with or without foreshadowing, and telling us where they would

Prompt Ideas

Advice on finding prompt ideas: 

You can go broad or go specific. – Go broad if you’re struggling to come up with anything. 

Take a step back and think about something different but similar that happened recently. 

A news article, an interesting tweet you saw, the subway graffiti you passed before you started writing – there are no limits as long as it has something to do with writing

Start specific if you know exactly what story you want to write and aren’t sure how to begin it or exactly how you want it to play out. 

You can be very specific and even take something from your life and turn it into a validly-plausible prompt!

Or you can use my roleplay generator. 

If you’re anything like me, then starting a new creative writing project is slightly terrifying. 

How do you even start? 

In my dark past I used to ruminate for days on end wondering what to write about. 

My dance card was full of ideas but nothing seemed to be moving forward. 

After digging deeper into the problem, I discovered that a large majority of my issue stemmed from not having enough prompt ideas at my disposal.

How to Start Writing?

What is the best way to start writing? I’d always found this a difficult question, and one which required a diverse number of views. My own? 

Do you want to write as a leisure activity? 

Or are you looking to develop skills which will help pursue a career in writing or journalism? 

For me, the answer is somewhere in between.I have both a passion for writing, as well as a career in writing.

To get ideas to start I recommend using a roleplay generator. 

How to Write Fast?

There are many advantages that come with being a prolific writer. Writing fast means you can spend less time drafting and editing, and more time publishing.

It means you can produce longer content which is great if your readers like in-depth content. 

Being able to write fast also allows you to write more frequently which helps you establish yourself as an authority on the topics you choose to write about. But writing fast doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Ever since you wrote your first sentence, you have been writing. When was the last time you actually looked at your own writing? 

I know it’s hard to read something you’ve written when it’s fresh off the keyboard. 

But there are things that can be done to make whatever you write easier for others to read. Here are four tips to help make your writing fast, simple, and enjoyable: 

1) Write out a rough draft 

2) Read what you wrote as if you were reading someone else’s work 

3) Leave a space between sections 

4) Get a good night’s rest before writing Oh, and read on!

Last Words

If you find any bug on my roleplay generator tool, please let me know. I’m working deep into my work better.