Although it is not what you’re looking for, we can help. Here, I will show you how to get spontaneous and rare words and phrases. Because what if one day, you just don’t have enough time for any great or even good ideas?

What makes a word rare? Do all rare words have the same meaning? How many words are there in English? 

The List of Rare Words

This post is a list of rare words in English, but it's also about what makes these words so uniquely rare. If you love language, word facts, and trivia you're going to love this idea for a blog post.


Accentis word has several meanings. Firstly, you can use it as an adjective to modify words like “shape” or “size”. 

Most often however, acnestis is used to refer to animals that don’t have any muscles attached to their skeleton. Or they just have really small muscles in comparison to other creatures with a similar sized skeleton.


It is a rare thing for an interest like biblioklept­—the desire and joy of stealing books—to be shared by three individuals who have never met each other. 

Each of us, however, has experienced the illicit thrill that comes with stealing a book. 

Our experiences are wide-ranging: from stealing a word-a-day calendar stashed in our school desks to hide from the fluorescent light, all the way to stealing bottles of vodka from motel rooms we wake up in after a long night of stolen debauchery; books have been there each time. 

Just as they were there when we stood at the edge of our high-school’s football field, about to jump, and in the moments before we did.


Meldrop is a word that made me laugh. And while laughing is fun, it can also be distracting. This happened to me yesterday when I was preparing to go for a run. 

I sat down on the couch and picked up my phone while trying to remember what I was going to do. 

As I tried to get my thoughts straight, I decided it would be fun to watch some cat videos on YouTube. 

Then around 30 seconds into a deeply emotional video about cats playing with water bowls, I realized that the water bowl in the video is named Meldrop. To prove to you just how deeply engrossed I was in the video, I repeat: The water bowl in the video is named Meldrop .


The word ‘nauseant’ looks strange. Many readers would perhaps be confused by its spelling. The reason for this is that it is an antiquated word meaning: causing nausea or especially disgust. 

The first time I came across this word, I was pretty confused. I had to look up the definition. It wasn’t in my college English dictionary until recently but thankfully Nauseant was added! 

It doesn’t make sense why it took so long to be added and even more perplexing is that the word, “nauseous” was already in the dictionary but because it only has one ‘s’ instead of two, many people probably thought they were using the wrong spelling of the word.


Yummy! This is a scrumptious word for new learners of English. It is informal in meaning and it refers to something that is very good or excellent. The origins of this word are American as it was first used in the 1930s.


Aspergillum is derived from Latin word "aspergere" that means "sprinkle". The word was first used in 1300 or 1400 to refer to a vessel for sprinkling holy water. 

In the modern days, aspergillus (or holy water sprinklers) are artificial or silver tools that are used to carry out ceremonies of holy water (or baptismal water), such as the blessing of people, houses, cars etc. before religious ceremonies.


Bashment (also known as a dancehall or by other terms) is a term used in the United Kingdom, Ireland and other English-speaking Caribbean countries. It was derived from the word "bash", which means a large party or celebration. 

A bashment is usually held at a house party, club, swimming pool or any other public space. It is usually used to refer to outdoor parties and not to night clubs where people pay an entrance fee.


What is Cacoethes? You’ve probably heard the word tossed around in writing circles online, but chances are you don’t know what it really means. 

I was one of those people who didn’t have a working definition for it. 

Sure, I could define it as a portmanteau of the words “craving” and “insanity”, but that was only because I had read it somewhere else and never taken the time to reevaluate its meaning!


There’s an informal word for the thing we’re all afflicted with from time to time: conniption. It describes a fit of rage, or hysterics, or extreme agitation leading you to curse, scream, cry, and panic—all by yourself. 

If your hair has ever become uncharacteristically frizzy or you’ve missed a deadline due to “sudden illness,” then you know what I’m talking about. But since it (usually) only afflicts women—thanks a lot gender bias!—I like to think of it as woman-rage.


The word cryptozoology is a blend of two ancient Greek words - Kruptos meaning hidden and Zo = life ; life form of any kind . As a field of study, Cryptozoology is specifically dedicated to the search for animals whose existence are unproven. 

Searchers contend that such creatures could be an entirely new species; or they could be formally prevalent creatures that have managed to remain elusive up until this present time, namely because our society's knowledge of zoology has not yet been advanced enough to account for their existence.


Gasconade is a French word which means extravagant boasting and is often used in the English language as well. 

The Gasconades or Gasconaders were an insult given to the French soldiers during the time of the Thirty Years’ War in Europe between 1618 and 1648. The term was used to describe their arrogant, frivolous and boastful behavior.

Last Words

I hope my Rare word generator will help you to discover new english words. As you know, using less known words helps you to look smarter than usual.