As a matter of fact most of the time they are not. 

Hence, it is very important to understand that every word in this article is a long word regardless whether it is complex or not. 

Of course, all these definitions are given in context to my native language which happens to be English and the subjects I happen to know a little about.

A List of Long Words

Long words are the king of uncommon words. They always look a tad daunting to talk about, read about or write about. And this is something that always makes me want to know what they do in terms of meaning and usage. 


Superabundant is a term for when there are an extreme amount of number things, more than what you need. The word superabundant comes from the Latin word "super", or above, and "abundo" which means to overflow. So in other words, superabundance means to be above and overflowing.


Unencumbered is a pretty obscure word. So what does unencumbered mean? The word unencumbered means free from the burden or responsibility of care. Unencumbered is an adjective having to do with freedom or without encumbrance. It means, “free from assets that could be taken by creditors in case the owner fails to pay debts.” Encumbrance is another word for a claim which affects title to property so as to reduce the value of an asset.


It’s a nice-sounding Latin word that means to “consider or formulate a plan” or “to devise after careful thought.” Excogitate has other definitions and meanings, but in this post, I’ll focus on using it as a verb meaning to form an idea in your mind. It’s often confused with the word cogitate, which is similar, but actually means something different.


Luminescent means something like: shining brightly; very bright. I like the word luminescent because it reminds me of the phenomenon that occurs in some objects when they are exposed to light or require heat (this is a fancy way of saying things glow). Just thinking about all the beautiful things that can be made to glow makes me excited.


Circumlocution is usually defined as to talk around a subject in a roundabout way. But has anyone ever wondered how it is pronounced? And what does circumlocution mean? Well, here are some tips on circumlocution pronunciation and meaning.

With this tool, you can learn long english words in English language.