Whether they are rational or irrational, we can’t help it and sometimes our fears are out of our control. We fear what we don’t understand, and we mostly don’t understand what these phobias and fears are. 

That’s why they scare us so much! 

What is a phobia? There are many explanations for the term of phobia. In layman's terms it is described as an extreme or irrational fear of an object, place, situation or circumstance. However, medical professionals describe a phobia as something that interferes with the normal routines of life and causes excessive distress. 

The commonality between both is that almost everyone has experienced some degree of fear at one time or another although we might not call it a phobia. 

So phobias are fears that have gone beyond normal limits of normalcy. Many fears within our lives can be attributed to specific events that transpired in our history…

Some Phobia Examples

Poinephobia - Fear of punishment.

Fear of punishment is called poinephobia or aichmophobia . Poinephobia is one of the most common phobias that affects us. In fact , the fear of punishment is more prevalent in us than the fear of death. You may feel poinephobia is silly because of its innocuous nature but a constant feeling of fear and panic will ruin your life if you fail to defeat it. It's only when you decide that enough is enough do you no longer allow poinephobia to control your life and take control yourself that things get better.

Bacillophobia -  Fear of microbes

Bacillophobia is an exaggerated and irrational fear of microbes. It’s one of the most common phobias out there, and it can result in some pretty intense anxiety. Unlike most phobias, Bacillophobia makes victims think they’re going to get sick even in situations where contamination from microbes is slim to none. Living a life with any amount of fear isn’t good, which is why most people with this phobia want to get rid of it.

Hydrophobia: Fear of Water

The fear of water is also known as Hydrophobia which is an extreme, irrational or debilitating fear of water or liquids, such as rain, or of drowning. Most individuals that suffer from hydrophobia are typically fearful of natural bodies of water like lakes and oceans, though some may only have an irrational fear of rain. 

Autophobia, Fear of Being Alone

Fear of being alone is quite common and is known as ‘autophobia’. But is it such a condition that is actually acknowledged medically? On the face of it, the thought of not having anyone around you can put you in a fix but it doesn't always happen that way. Generally, when a person becomes conscious about his state he feels like something is wrong with him. His normal state should be that of having friends or colleagues to talk to.

You can learn all fears with a random fear generator which I showed you above