Have you ever wished you could find a random species of bug? We have collected a variety of different insects, bugs and arachnids for your curiosity and enjoyment. 

This generator is fun and educational and if for some reason it isn't then don't worry, it's also very easy to use.

Are Bugs Dangerous?

For the most part, the answer is no, and that bugs should not be a source of worry for the general population. 

Now I know you won't believe me at first. 

You might think that bugs are dangerous, or scary, or gross and want to look away just by reading this post's title. And I get it, I get it -- bugs are probably one of those things that attract the "eww" factor in people. 

But insects and arachnids can actually be very beneficial to humans if not for their appearance then for their purpose in existence. 

They help keep the ecosystem in place by feeding on pests, acting as pollinators and more.

Some Insect and Bug Example


Armyworm threat is now widely spread in Nigeria. The last Armyworm outbreak occurred during the summer of the year 2000 in the North Central States of Nigeria. Within the last 24 months some states have registered cases of migratory armyworm infestation. 

The affected states include Katsina, Kaduna, Kano, Plateau and Bauchi States.

Carpenter Ant

Ever seen a carpenter ant and wondered what it was? You're not alone. Carpenter ants are social insects that live in colonies, which can have as many as several thousand members. They are a bit of an oddity in the insect world because they have very advanced social behaviors. 


The Montgomery County Health Department has confirmed bed bugs have been found in the Chartiers Valley School District, as well as in neighboring school districts. The pests, which bite and feed off of human beings, were found in homes across Upper St. Clair and Peters Township, police said. Other areas in which bed bugs have been found include Baldwin, Dormont, Mt. Lebanon and Scott.


A butterfly is a flying insect with enormous, colourful wings. Most people love butterflies because their colours are so pretty. They’re also interesting creatures to study or observe if you’re a butterfly lover, even from afar. 


The Caterpillar tracks the steps of a butterfly from egg to adult and helps you do the same with all of your ideas, company goals, and checklists for the entire year. Whatever your current stage in life (business or personal), this flexible tool is designed to help you overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and live your dreams — while creating a better world around you!


They often resemble leaves and other plant material in their environment for protection, and may also be able to control the color of their bodies to match.

That's all for now. I hope Random Bug Generator helps you discover all types.