Birthdays are a time to celebrate, be happy and have fun with your friends. But sometimes you need help remembering what day it is and when your friend's birthday is coming up.

How to Use Random Birthday Generator

To use Random Birthday Generator, you will need to select your gender, choose your year of birth, select your month of birth and then press the "Generate" button. 

The random date that appears will be one that is available for you to use on a first date. To find out more about this site and its features, click here.

Most popular date formats

The most popular date formats are:

  • MM/DD/YY
  • DD/MM/YY

These are the most common formats for dates in the United States, so they're a good place to start. For example, if you want a random date within the next week, you would use "11" as your month and "15" as your day. 

This would give you any date between September 11th and September 15th. 

If you were looking for something more specific, such as December 24th at 9 p.m., then your input parameters would be "12" and "24."

Celebrity dates of birth

It's easy to find celebrities born on the same day, date, and year as you. For example, I was born on October 15th in 1982.

That means that a lot of celebrities were also born on that day—in fact, there are over 1,000!

Let's try another one: David Bowie was born January 8th in 1947. It turns out there were only about 300 people who shared his birthday this year (2017), but how about 1940? There were only six other people with birthdays in that year who shared it with Bowie!

Does the date we were born affect our character?

It's your birthday.

And it's a special day—you can feel the significance in the air. Birthday is a major event in our lives and we want to mark it with something special, like being born on certain days (like today). Some people are born on special days, like celebrities who were born on the same day as you or me. 

Or maybe you're a celebrity yourself! Either way, birthdays are an important marker for how we approach life in general—and their influence on our personalities can be significant enough that some scientists have conducted scientific studies about them.

I have no idea what I'm talking about here but if you're into science then maybe this will interest you!

What date are most people born?

You may be surprised to learn that the most common day of birth is January 1st. People born on this day are known as "Capricorns." The least common day of birth is February 29th, a date which falls between February 28th and March 1st. 

If you do the math, you'll realize that it's not even possible for someone to be born on this day! But don't feel bad if your birthday is one of these two unusual dates—there are plenty more options available.

How is age calculated?

There are many ways to calculate age, so use the one that makes sense for your situation:

  • Days: Age in days = 365 * (year born - year of today) / 365.25
  • Weeks: Age in weeks = (year born - year of today) / 7 + 0.5 * (week number within year - 1) + 0.5 * (week number within year - 1). If you have a birthday on the first day of the week and you're less than 18 years old, then divide by 2 before adding 6 to get your age in weeks.

Months: Age in months = (year born - year of today) / 12 + 0.5 * (month number within year - 1). If you have a birthday on the first day of the month and you're less than 18 years old, then divide by 2 before adding 6 to get your age in months.


The ages of people born on the same day may vary by only a few days. The random birthday generator has been designed to help you find out when people were born in your area, so you can make new friends or find someone special for yourself. 

Whether you're looking for a date or just want an excuse to get together with your friends, this app will be useful in your life!

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