The Random Artist Generator is a cool project created as a fun side-project while learning JavaScript. The generator spits out new artists every time you click the button. 

RAG for short, is a super simple tool that gives you the name of a random artist to test your knowledge. 

When you click on the button above, you'll be able to see a new one.

Picture this: it's Friday night, and you and your friends are looking for something fun to do. Everyone pulls out their phones and opens up Google. You type in "The Random Artist Generator", press enter, and wait for the results…Tap! Tap tap! And there it is. 

A randomized list of various artists. 

Nice activity to do while spending time with friends.

Best Artist of All Time ( Discussion )

Some people would prefer to rate artists from the point of view of their technical skill, citing artists like Michelangelo as the best artists because of their extraordinary level of skill. 

Others would take into account the legacy and lasting impact an artist has had, citing figures like Andy Warhol.

Having a talent for art doesn’t come easy. 

Some of the best artists of all time have been studying their craft since they were beginners. 

If you want to be one of the best, here is a top list of artists that you may want to follow and learn from.

Discussions have been made to who is the best artist of all time. 

Some believe it is Michael Jackson, some Bob Dylan, and there are those who only acknowledge people who have a physical or emotional disability. 

Others consider this question extremely hard to answer since there are too many factors to be considered and most people prefer to give their own personal favorites instead. 

How do Become an Artist?

Being an artist can be difficult. 

There is the weight of knowing that every work you produce will be judged instantaneously by your audience, most of whom will express their disapproval. 

They will not just criticize your art, they will criticize you personally. If you are not actually an artist you might be wondering how to become one.

We are all artists walking this earth, so let's talk about how to become an artist and a little bit about art. 

This is not by any means the definitive guide but just my thoughts on being and becoming an artist. 

What does it mean to be an artist? I don't know that there is one definition, but perhaps a dictionary can help us out. 

A few definitions are: craftsman, person whose creative work shows sensitivity or insight, and one who engages sensibly in an activity. 

There are many paths to becoming an artist, but it should be a rewarding journey with plenty of highlights along the way. 

With sticktoitiveness and grit, it's possible to succeed in any artistic endeavor if you have a passion for creating art.