If you have ever played Dungeons and Dragons, or just want to think about the little guys in a different light, you should consider reading this guide to find some interesting and unusual halfling names for your characters.

Halflings are a little shorter than humans, standing rarely more than three and a half feet tall. ...  Halflings are very nimble creatures and adept climbers.  

Halflings are short humanoids, standing just over 3 feet tall and weighing between 30 and 40 pounds. 

Their ability score modifiers alternate between -2 and +2 as compared with standard humans, resulting in an average physique but a poor ability to defend themselves against larger enemies.

They tend to be fond of any kind of vehicle that allows them to cover great distances while enjoying the scenery.

About Halflings

There once was a small people called "halflings". They had slightly larger feet than average humans. They were very good at jumping. Their slogan was, "Halfling Feet - Be Like Us". But it was no use. 

Everyone laughed at them. The halflings went to the great wizard Grolion and said "Make us not so small. And maybe make our feet smaller." 

But the wizard said, "No." A great sadness came over the halflings that would last until they experienced another Sadness in Year 9,072 of the Malleval calendar cycle.