What is Gemstone?

A gemstone may be natural or synthetic. Most are mineral crystals, but some also include organic materials. 

Natural gemstones mined from the earth are said to be those in which the ingredients of their chemical composition originate therein. 

However, there is a graded scale involving how much of the original material is retained within the stone itself and this will be a major factor in dictating its usage and value. 

How this scale is used depends on the definition of the term being used. Gemstones appear with ancient Egyptian artifacts.

Gemstones have been desirable, valuable, and popular items since ancient times. Rarity is an essential element of a gemstone’s value. 

Rarity gives rise to demand, and is often an essential factor in determining the price of gemstones.

Gemstone in Games

Gemstones are a valuable resource in many games. 

They are important to the development of crafting and construction. 

Gemstones are being used as currency in some games, enhancing the in-game economy. There is an even more important component of gemstones – usage in real-life! Gemstones are valued for their beauty as well as for their chemical components which promote healing and natural wellness.

If you're a fan of fantasy games, then you've probably imagined digging for an incredible gemstone. 

Gemstones are treasured possessions of the dwarves. They are mined and cut carefully into their most appealing form. 

The end result isn't just pretty to look at, but also has magical properties that when used well can be the difference between life and death. 

How Gemstone Generator Works

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