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Legendary Creatures

In the modern world, there are very few people who have come face to face with a mythical creature. But in all conscience, there are such creatures that exist. 

I have read numerous articles and watched countless videos about these creatures. There are many good examples of mythical creatures and I will try to cover some of them.


There are many races and cultures worldwide but some of the most mysterious and fascinating are those races with origins shrouded in legend. 

Few, if any, fit this category more than the Kelpie. The beast is sometimes referred to as a Cailleach, a water spirit in Gaelic lore. It can appear irresistibly attractive to humans (as in the case below) but, like many other siren-like mythological creatures, it is said to lure these people to their deaths. 

It can also play tricks on humans foolish enough to cross its path including capturing them but releasing them if they manage to answer a tricky question correctly.


The wyvern is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic creatures in Celtic Mythology. Wyverns are often seen as half-human, half dragon, but they are not true dragons. 

While wyverns are mentioned in many ancient Celtic tales and myths, they are far from being a common creature in Celtic Literature. 

However, the wyvern has been a powerful and deeply rooted symbol that has been with the Celts for centuries.


In the Egyptian Mythology, the wadjet is a symbolic deity who represents protection, prosperity, love, healing and fertility. Wadjet is represented as a snake or a woman with snake-like characteristics (such as the large slit eyes). In Ireland and Britain, the wyvern or winged dragon appears in heraldry. The word “wyvern” comes from the Latin vipera.


In Greek Mythology, Campe was the mother of Bellerophon, who killed the Chimera but fell from Pegasus and was blinded by his trauma. 

She raised her son in secret, but a god revealed their location to King Iobates who banished them to the Sahara desert. 

The mother and son constructed a shelter and survived on the small food and water they could find until eventually being rescued by Iobates's wife Queen Antea. She became Campe's servant until Polyidus laid eyes on her and seduced her. 

They plotted to poison Iobates but were caught at which point Polyidus revealed Campe was the Queen's long lost daughter, explaining where she went after being banished by her husband.


Cerberus is one of the famous mythological creatures which appear in Greek mythology. Along with other monsters, Cerberus is considered to be a fearsome monster guarding the entrance towards the realm of the underworld from this world. 

The original form of Cerberus was that of a monstrous dog with snakes for tail. However, as times passed, Cerberus went through numerous changes and alterations to give way to different versions we have today.

Yamata no Orochi

In Japanese mythology, Yamata no Orochi, or Orochi for short is a dragon that took the form of a giant snake. It is said to be 8-10 tails long. 

The Minamoto clan was commissioned by Susanoo to slay it. Susanoo devised a plan on how to defeat this large monster. 

When Orochi came from the ocean to devour rice crops in Izumo, Ibaraki, Yamato, and other neighboring regions, the beast was slain by eight warriors of the great clans of Kojiki.

This list can go on forever. Since the main purpose of the article is the creature name generator, I end the list here.

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