In fact, there are usually many different reasons why a church chooses the name that it does.

Choosing a name for your church can be an intimidating task. There are so many things to consider, from the meaning behind the name, to whether it will appeal to your audience, to how to incorporate it into social media posts, etc. 

When you come up with a name, you want it to be memorable but not too memorable. If too many people know about it, then you run the risk of seeming like everyone else; but if no one knows about it, then you’re not being heard.

Church History

There are two ways we can think of church history: as a chronology of events, or as the process by which God has worked in the lives of his people. 

If we put our finger on the second, and keep it there with one hand while holding the other hand against the side of our nose, we will get a clearer sense of how accurately and inadequately our human minds try to “grasp” things that are too big for them, and an enjoyable picture will emerge of a living body (the Church), and its head (Christ), and their story.

Church Architecture History

The church architecture history is a study of the rules, the ideas on which the church buildings were built over time. 

Some sources say that in the oldest churches in Armenia and Georgia, preserved till our days were used even in parts of pagan temples. 

To remember how these kinds of domes evolved over time, you can use this interactive timeline or a regular static version if you want to discuss with your coworkers. 

It is difficult now to understand how old exactly are some church architecture monuments. 

If we suppose that we can trust mentioned dates then Saint Peter in Rome can be dated back to 64 AD, Saint Paul in Rome – 67 AD, Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem - 335 AD (but there are opinions which date it back to 325

How to Find a Right Church Name

You can use my church name generator. But Here are other tips:

Choosing a church name is such an important step in the life of your new church. 

Before you even begin to start thinking about the location, beds and coffee makers, you should be choosing a name for your church. 

Choosing a great church name requires some planning on your part. Below, I’ll give you some tips to help you through this process of choosing a great name for your new church.

Choosing a church name seems like such an easy process. 

A lot of people go with the name of their church, but what about when there was already a First Presbyterian Church or another church that already has that same name. 

Or what about that catchy church name, “Church on the Rock” versus “First Church?” So, how do you choose a good church name? 

Of course, not everyone can have the same great idea to combine biblical verses with rock and roll but choosing a church name is more than just getting people to remember it

I hope Church name generator will help you.