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Chocobo are a race of flightless birds from the game series Final fantasy. 

They can be found in every single main series game and are mostly used as a form of transport for heroes. Because they are important creatures, not much is known about them. So why not make your own chocobo name? 

This tool allows you to generate chocobo names. 

FINAL FANTASY XIV's chocobo companion system is a complex, ever-evolving beast, and amongst the game's most alluring facets. 

This name generator is a part of the FREE online community created by me for players of the game. 

What is Chocobo?

Originally designed by Tetsuya Nomura for Final Fantasy II, chocobos have made appearances in multiple titles as a means of transportation, and usually play a role in the main plot. 

Identity and appearance aside, the only definitive trait shared by each iteration of the creature is their ability to allow players to ride them. In many installments, players can use chocobos to travel quickly through local areas. 

However, due to their tendency to run away if enemies are nearby, this kind of travel can be dangerous at times.

How to Play the Chocobo Game?

Chocobo game is a very interesting online board game. This game is based on the Final Fantasy game. You will have two types of games; Chocobo race and minigames

The good news about this game is you need not download it to play it, you just have to visit the website of FFXI and start to play.

All you need is a high-speed, active internet connection and 0.250 MB space in your computer hard drive as the site of FFXI is a heavy file that needs so much space to run.

I am sure you have heard of FFXIV--Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It is one of the most played PC game in the world. 

You may know that there are many chocobo games players like to play FFXIV-related Chocobo game or Chocobo puzzle game.