The human child is returned when a piece of the fairy child is given to them. In my game, I want to expand on that basic idea and make changelings more alien, more mysterious and have them have a role beyond that of monstrous kidnappers.

Changeling is an interesting role-playing game in which the characters are children kidnapped from our world and put to work as slaves in another realm. 

Witches can abduct humans from many worlds, but the most common places for changelings come from the World of Darkness, a setting combining realism with horror. 

In the World of Darkness there are many fake creatures and they consider human children to be a delicacy. 

As you might imagine, carrying out the abduction, taking a child through a journey and dropping it into their waiting homeland can lead to some pretty wild names! 

For this reason we created a changeling names generator that works wonders. 

It takes your name aspect and generates hundreds of new unisex fantasy names.

Dungeons & Dragons Game

Dungeons & Dragons is an RPG game that was released back in 1974. It became one of the most popular tabletop games and soon made its way in video game consoles. 

There were multiple spin offs of the original game that include Battle Chasers and The Game of Life. 

It has spawned several other games like Talisman, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Claustrophobia and many more.

Dungeons & Dragons Characters

In role-playing games, the player characters are often of a specific, custom design, and in some cases are uniquely created by the player. In other types of role-playing games such as LARPs or tabletop role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, the players typically assume the roles of pre-designed archetypal characters such as fighters that can be recognized by their class or type. 

Lord Soth

Lord Soth is a powerful vampire and the most feared general of the Raven Queen. He is a legendary character in Dungeons & Dragons who was once a great hero, championing the goodly races against their foes. 

He led massive invasion forces in defending the world from otherworldly horrors–and then suddenly turned against his allies out of jealousy and spite.


Elminster is one of the oldest characters to feature in any Dungeons & Dragons properties. Elminster first appeared in Ed Greenwood's The Crystal Shard, released in 1976. He was the main character in eleven novels from 2001 to 2009. 

He also had several appearances in other Dungeons & Dragons novels written by Ed Greenwood and other authors. Elminster has many titles due to his age; they include the Old Mage, the Sage of Shadowdale, the Grey Sage (and variations thereof), and Elminister.


Vecna is an evil deity of many players in the Planescape setting of Dungeons and Dragons. He consists of six parts, each appearing as a different individual with no apparent connections to the others. Each has a fractional amount of Vecna's power, and all are referred to as Vecna without a qualifier.


Iggwilv lives in the unaligned realm of Grayhawk, as one of the Lords of Elemental Evil. She dwells within a minor demiplane dominated by iron and lawful evil creatures, especially hobgoblins and illithids. 

Iggwilv prefers to toy with her prey from afar before finally closing in for the kill.

If you want to explore more D&D Characters, I recommend you to visit this page. 

Changeling names are above. I hope it helps you. 

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