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This generator will make sure you cover a range of personalities, jewish and arabic names as well as list female and male names blacks have used in the past and today.

African American History

 Much of what we think today about African-American history begins in the year 1619 when the first documented Africans were brought to Virginia. 

It's a long, complex story that has its roots in slavery, but it also deserves to be remembered because its legacy is one that went on to become a huge part of both African and American culture.

This contribution was not only recognized in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement, but there have been African-American pioneers in various fields of business, science, arts and culture that have changed the history of America.

Famous Afro Americans

These lesser-known African American leaders changed the world in their own right. This list highlights 10 people you likely never learned about in school. 

When you research African American history, it's easy to get caught up in learning about the most famous faces in Black history. 

These are people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr., Black figures who spent their lives working toward equal rights. They are revered as heroes, and rightly so. 

Let's explore other heroes from sports to entertaiments. 

Hank Aaron

He played for the Boston Braves/Milwaukee Braves in the National League and the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Braves in the National League.

When baseball lovers talk about Hank Aaron, the first superlative that comes to mind is his home run record. Hammerin' Hank smashed 755 home runs during his legendary career and was a longtime idol of mine growing up in Atlanta, Georgia. 

In fact, my first replica baseball jersey had the number "7" and "AARON" on the back – that's how much I respected him growing up.  

Ralph Bunche

Ralph Bunche was the first person of color, and the first American, to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize; an expert in international relations, he received the 1950 award jointly with Filipino diplomat Carlos Romulo. As an academic at Howard University in Washington, D.C..

Oprah Winfrey

She is known for her self-help advice as well as for her interest in spirituality and her contributions to the self-help movement. Her key interests are: humanitarianism (particularly through Oprah's Angel Network) and fat free snacks.

Malcolm X

Throughout his lifetime, Malcolm X voiced controversial viewpoints on race relations, politics and society in general. 

Inside the Nation of Islam, he advocated a pro-black philosophy, rejected the civil rights movement because he believed it to be dominated by non-blacks and promoted traditional Islamic values with a focus on self-reliance and pride in black culture as opposed to white culture.

His role as an African-American leader of a mass movement during the 1960s, along with his outspokenness on racism and human rights, made him one of the most influential and respected African-American leaders of his time.

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