Yellow Chamber Gungeon

Sep 15, 2021
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The Yellow Chamber is a consumable item found in Enter the Gungeon. It seems to do nothing while equipped, but while firing it has a chance to charm an enemy for the duration of the current room. 

This charm does not remove upon taking damage, so it can be used to get past rooms full of enemies without taking damage.

This chamber will release a gas which will cause enemies it touches to become charmed. Charmed enemies are passive, friendly, and will not attack the player. 

They also freeze in place while the charm is active, preventing them from chasing the player while they are at low HP.

The Yellow Chamber is a special and peculiar Item. It is one of the first Items you can acquire in Enter the Gungeon after defeating the Bullet King. 

While this Item might not look too impressive at first glance, it is actually more powerful than you might think.

Yellow Chamber is a passive item. 

This is an incredibly powerful effect in Gungeon, as it can be guaranteed to either slow down (or completely stop) the bullets in the immediate area.

This charm can be extended by using any weapon projectile, which makes it effective for fighting bosses  on the  Blood Stained Sanctuary and Defiled Cathedral floors.  

Enemies that are charmed will often wander away from other enemies, making it easier to fight them alone.  

Yellow corpses act similar to the Lament Configuration's heads; they will follow Isaac if he moves far enough away from them. If they reach him, they will explode like Boils or Guts.

Other Items: Iron Coin, Sprun


You, an adventurer populated by the souls of the damned, have stumbled across the Gungeon. 

Littered with the corpses of fallen champions, this hallowed hall is no place for the living. 

As you creep through its iron doors, you hear the clash of weapons and dying screams of champions echoing throughout the halls. 

Where did they come from? And which do they go? 

The Gungeon is a handgun that fires bullets that ricochet off walls and thus can hit enemies that are out of line-of-sight. 

Its best modifier is Unreal.

During beta, (I assume) the developers wanted players to use Singularity in a way that would make the game more challenging. 

However, they also wanted to give players a reason to use it, and developed this item's effect. 

The item is meant to be used when there are several enemies in one area and you don't want (or feel like) killing them all individually. 

Although it sucks enemies in and deals high damage, the item itself is still very situational and doens't have much of a use other than it's one special effect.

It will spawn a teleporting Gungeoneer at the teleporter, rerolling all Gungeoneers' appearance to match it. 

Gungeoneers are given a few seconds of invulnerability. 

Upon picking up an item, their gun will instead shoot a powerful beam, which can be locked onto enemies for continuous damage.

The yellow chamber effect, however, is very straightforward -- it fires a wave of bullets. The bullets will bounce off all obstacles and spread out as they do. 

The wave will stop after travelling a certain distance, or if it hits a wall or floor, at which point the individual bullets will split into streams and travel in all directions.

Shothole uses its worm-like projectiles to burrow through enemies, dealing damage all the way through.  At first glance, Shothole can look like an awful weapon, but if one puts in the time to learn how to use it properly, Shothole is able to deal monstrous amounts of damage to bosses and mini-bosses.

Yellow Chamber 101

Gungeon Elite can find a chamber of Yendor in the Yellow Chamber, a boss chamber in the Black Powder Mine. Numerous chambers contain groups of enemies and weapons. 

The Chambers of Rumor and the Chambers of Disquiet are additionally special rooms that yield random pickups upon arrival. 

Chambers can be found through both random destructible doors and by passing through the Yellow Chamber's eyes.

When you’re fighting off hordes of bullet-spewing daikon heads and giant fleshy spiders, it’s easy to forget that there are secrets to be had – secret rooms with chest after chest of loot. These secret chambers are cleverly nestled into several levels in the game. Some of these hidden chambers lead to a chamber known as The Yellow Chamber.

The Yellow Chamber is a gun that fires bullets with a chance to charm enemies and cause them to give out gold. Chambers himself refers to the chamber (or the play) as The King in Yellow, which causes madness if read, yet alone seen performed. 

The character, Hildred Castaigne, reads his own play but is unable to decipher its true meaning.