Weird Egg Gungeon

Oct 1, 2021
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Using this item will hatch a blue chicken chick, which lays eggs with various effects upon exploding.

This item becomes available in the Blacksmith at the end of The Magdalene's revolver upgrade shop after defeating the Double Trouble boss.

It was intended to be placed in the Mysterious Chest, but was changed to The Cage during development. This item acts like the Cursed Butcherer, firing a spread of five bullets. 

Unlike the other curse items, the egg’s bullets are white with cyan spirals instead of purple with yellow spirals. 

The egg also does not leave pellets when fired, and only leaves one pellet when hitting an enemy.

 It can spawn once per floor by killing a friendly Bluebird, and is guaranteed to spawn on the fourth boss floor. It does not count towards the current enemy count. 

Killing the egg awards a single cell of health. If left alive for a long time, it will eventually hatch - which causes a horde of bullets to be fired out from the egg area towards the player. 

It can't be hatched while you're fighting a boss or if there are still enemies left to kill on the floor, but it's possible to create a situation where an enemy spawns between you and the egg after defeating all other enemies, causing you to have to wait out its spawn animation before killing any more enemies.

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A single item will drop three times before it disappears, and if the player obtains the item already, the item count will decrease by one and another item will drop in its place. 

If the player has fewer than three items and does not obtain the item they would like to use again, an egg will drop instead to allow them to pick up another three items. 

An Egg requires one heart to pick up and contains no other ability besides being kept in the inventory without taking up space.

After all, the Gungeon is full of strange, wonderful things. Maybe you’ve seen it so many times you don’t even pay any attention to this strange food item. 

During the Gilded Truffle boss fight, a regularly scheduled drop can be an egg. The egg's examined text reads 'Let's hope it doesn't rain', referring to the Holy Grail.

They can be purchased from the Egg Sack Shop in exchange for one egg at a time, and there is currently no other way to obtain them. 

Fairly common throughout Gungeon, eggs can appear in pickups, chests, shops and even in walls. 

Eggs were a late addition to Enter the Gungeon. As soon as we conceived keeping an egg through runs, we needed a reason to do so. 

We quickly came up with a few fanciful ideas for why one would travel with an egg: the egg was a pet, the egg would hatch into a bird that could help you fly around rooms, or there was an unborn demon inside that wanted out after being locked in its mother’s womb for eight months.

The Endless Mode item in Enter the Gungeon does a lot more than it would seem at first glance. 

It can be used to quickly get lots of guns, items and charms. The only catch is that you have to stand there at room 1-1 and click forever until you get your rewards!

Others expressed how much they loved this game, so I decided to buy it myself. 

I had some trouble at first, but that was because I didn’t read very much about the game. 

Weird Egg 101

The original version of this item's description is "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.", which is taken directly from the beginning of each game in the Legend of Zelda series.

The yellow rupee, found only in the original zelda, is a currency used in most Zelda games that can be picked up from cash registers or from enemies.

It is an egg that hatches into a random enemy or ally depending upon whether the player has already cleared the room. 

This is sometimes accompanied by the message "It's gonna be OK!", likely referring to similar messages in various Legend Of Zelda games. 

As an object that cannot be interacted with, the egg may seem like it is nothing more than a background decoration. 

However, this is not the case. It is useful in terms of gaining access to secret rooms and obtaining certain items such as keys. Other non-gun items sitting on the ground undergo a bouncing animation about once every second, but the egg will instead rock back and forth, as it does in the inventory.