Twizzly Gummy Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Feb 14, 2022
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She has fallen out of the Abyss and landed in Cid's backyard. It is later revealed that she was supposed to land in Ramen's backyard, but because of a mix-up, she landed in Cid's instead.

She has the Projectile Immunity and Dispels Potions Epic Cookie traits, at the same time being a member of the Gummy Class. She has room for two Badges.

Her body is an oval shape with small smiley eyes and a large bow that wraps around her body. She also has a peppermint scent, as described from Cookie Monster's opinions.

The Twizzly Gummy Cookie unlocks after beating the final boss of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers and removes the building cap, allowing you to build a total of 20 buildings in each stage. 

It also changes the appearance of all non-hero/tower-related graphics and turns your mage hero into a giant cookie, as well as an additional building that you can build for 175 gold every 7 days.

Twizzly Gummy Cookie is an antagonist and a parody of Disney's Ursula. She was the first baddie in the series' Interdimensional Super Mayhem arc, and caused havoc through several universes and dimensions with her band of misfits. 

An extremely powerful gummy encased in hardened gum and a purple body, she was built to destroy anything. 

Her left eye is blue, while her right eye is pink, which makes it look like there are 2 separate Twizzlies inside her head. 

She speaks in an overbearing tone using rhyming verses with consistent alliteration and assonance. She has a starfish-shaped head, but also has tentacles due to having multiple Twizzlies inside of her at once.

She is responsible for ransacking the entire Kingdom of Cookies and Cookiesville with her RMB, who she claims to be the 'Queen' of all desserts. She considers herself to be a God-like ruler and harbours a deep envy for Cera, the true ruler of what she perceives as her kingdom.

She is responsible for populating various universes with Wild Gummies and using them to terrorize her victims. However, she was eventually defeated by Zim and Tak's team.

Twizzly is a green magical gummy bear(a kind of horrid creature who could possess any traits of other treat creatures like humans or even spiders, usually including the blue ones) with pink and purple hair. She was first seen in the episode A Break in Super Mayhem, and her only major role is as the main antagonist in Cookie Run:Kingdom.


 A gooey powerhouse, Twizzly Gummy Cookie is a tower of strength that dishes out a whole lot of damage. 

Her ground-shaking attacks make her best employed in the middle of a pack of enemies. 

When the going gets tough, Twizzly Gummy Cookie can fire an incredibly powerful electrical beam that disrupts enemy defences and temporarily reduces an enemy’s HP Shield.

With her electro-jelly gun and enthusiastic attitude, Twizzly Gummy Cookie is ready to charge up your team!

An energetic Twizzly Gummy Cookie, she is a hardcore gamer who always likes to win and be the master at everything, even if it means utilizing "cheap" tricks. Her taste in casual games are dense RPG-exploring quests and action games that involve unleashing her wrath on hordes of zombies or aliens.

The temporary HP Shield disruption can be helpful in taking down bosses, if your team can fight through the inconvenience that is. Be sure to use it in moments when nothing disruptive is occurring and you are free to charge it up safely and uninterrupted.

Her Electrojelly Guns however, have caused significant damage to most bakery shops in the Kingdom. Having used these weapon systems for so long, each of them also contains a secret gun capacity that she can unleash once a battle has begun.


The children walk into the area, where they see a sign that says, "Twizzly Gummy Cookie: Magic Sword", with an arrow pointing to the left. 

As the kids go left, Twizzly Gummy Cookie appears with a gleeful tone and nods her head up and down, making her pigtails bounce up and down. 

She runs to the right side of the room and jumps into the air while having bubbles flying out of her hands.

As the kids go left, Twizzly Gummy Cookie appears with a gleeful tone and nods her head up and down, making her pigtails bounce up and down. She runs to the right side of the room and jumps into the air while having bubbles flying out of her hands.

She is the most powerful character in the game, and has many useful powers that can be unlocked throughout the course of the game.

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  • Heather looks different from all the other gummy bears! She has dark skin, a bright red bow and curvy swirls where others have straight lines and flat colors. Twizzly Gummy Cookie is a cute little treat with a big heart, who enjoys helping others in need, especially her best friend Bongo.
  • He realized he needed to change. He packed his bags and left Candy Land in search of new friends. One by one, he helped them realize they were no longer happy with the way they were living their lives and that there was someone out there just waiting to meet them.