Strawberry Crepe In Cookie Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 5, 2022
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Strawberry Crepe is an Epic Cookie that was available during the Lost Kingdom 2017 event. It appears every 7 hours and stays for 21 hours. Since it is an epic cookie, it is not limited to a certain number of purchases. 

When players buy Strawberry Crepe, their kingdom will produce 1 Strawberry Crepe Cookie Fragment, which may be collected (capped at a maximum of 10) to create either a Strawberry Crepe or Strawberry Crepe Cookie Jar. 

This cookie was reintroduced in the Return from Neverland update in 2018.

When it's ready to make a move, this delectable cookie naturally finds the path of least resistance. Well, maybe not naturally, but definitely using its speed ability. Of course it's well-protected from being zapped/poisoned/stunned as needed. 

If a Strawberry Crepe Cookie just likes fruits, like a box of strawberry crepes, it will not get harmed by having some honey or cakes with its fruit blockages. It would be too heavy if it is so fascinated by sweets!

She can wear armor and her shield is tough enough to withstand the attacks of those savage Cookies. 

She even has a special move that no one else does: A Shield Smash! 

This cookie's cuteness level is so high, she can heal her friends by just looking at them. And oh boy, does she love strawberries!

It tastes like a Strawberry Crepe Cookie, assuming a Strawberry Crepe Cookie had been magically transformed into a cookie. You know, for the sake of brevity and all. How about that? And it's not just me saying this! There are actual players who think so too.

A serious cookie enthusiast, the Strawberry Crepe Cookie takes great delight in tricking travelers who are searching for the Castle in the Sky. 

Along with her siblings, the Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Chunks, she is constantly practicing new spells to trap adventurers for her mistress' entertainment.

This Strawberry Crepe Cookie boldly declares, "Hmmm...I'm awesome and you'll never defeat me because I'm dark and mysterious," but we know the truth: that their only power is a dark enchantment! Thankfully, this Straw Crepe Cookie is only available in Cookie Run Kingdom, where they can be eliminated with just one click of a shutter.

Talent: Crepe Thrust

Cookie Run's first character to have three different transformations, it can be said that the ability balance is perfect. After being promoted to a Crepe, it's still able to deal huge damage by using its giant crepe arms. Because it uses up an extra Striped cookie chance slot, it can help to use a weapon or accessory that reduces HP recoil.

She was once a competitor of Cookies at a cooking contest. 

She has been gaining popularity since the game started in one of the official social networks. Her Talent inspires the citizens of the Kingdom. Whenever people can't bear to give up on something, they rely on their Talent to restore their motivation.


Strawberry Crepe is a demanding, self-centered Cookie who often commands those around her to personally entertain her to stave off boredom. 

She is a very spoiled cookie who enjoys the finer things in life, so it's no surprise that she was attracted to Dark Enchantress Cookie's idea of ruling her own kingdom for herself. 

She also seems to be an actress; After waking up from The Five and finding their leader missing, she pretends to be responsible for them going on a quest to find Dark Enchantress Cookie so that they would continue serving her.

They do not know what they wish to become, but they desire to be something (almost anything)! A self-centered Cookie whose personality is defined by a craving for popularity, as such Strawberry Crepe Cookie tends to be selfish and egotistical. They may often pass by things unnoticed due to their preoccupation with how everyone views them. But despite this, Strawberry Crepe will often risk injury or even death to preserve their own safety, and has even been known to fake tears while alone in order to evoke the sympathy of others.

She also has a self-centered and opinionated personality, often commanding those around them to personally entertain them as they alleviate boredom. When she first meets Dark Enchantress, she immediately wants to join the Dark Empire after learning that she can do whatever she wishes so long as she agrees to join.


Strawberry Crepe Cookie is created by extracting strawberry essence from strawberries to be used as an ingredient for crepe cookies. 

They're passionate about baking, and can often be seen as proprietors for a popular bakery called "Sugar Sweets". 

Strawberry Crepe Cookie is the third of the original 12 limited edition cookie characters. 

Due to their long sleeves, one only sees their face, so it's hard to tell what they look like from the neck down.

They enjoy listening to music at high volumes, but take care so as not to wake up their neighbors. They also get along with most other people. 

While they may be friendly with others, they do tend to not be too careful while they are flying around while listening to music causing them to accidentally trip and fall on someone. 

This resident of the Lonely Tree Forest is a bakery prodigy, and a whiz-kid romping the ice road with the Snow Crew. 

With their charming looks and lovable personality, they're sure to win anyone's heart!

They are designed with delicate cream-colored freckles under their eyes and their eyes move when they talk. 

Their shirt is beige and white fur trimmed, that resembles a crepe, and the shoelaces of the shoes are turquoise to match their hair. 

The shoes are red, and the soles have no treads on them. Their hair is pink at the base, which gradually lightens as it goes up. They wear headphones with a frosted strawberry in the middle, over their ears.