Strawberry Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 9, 2022
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Strawberry Cookie

Strawberry Cookie is of the Defense class. Though she may appear a little clumsy, she possesses high efforts in taking part in all battles. 

At any moment, she can be found running and exhausting herself to meet the energy demands of her friends who are working hard in the Kingdom. She is always full of smiles, but she hides her clumsy nature.

She was Captain Oyster's Best Friend until she was kidnapped by monsters and imprisoned in the Evil Castle. When the Royal Rescue Team met her, she, without hesitating a bit, volunteered to help the team rescue five Kings.

Her first skill, the strawberry field, creates a durable shield to protect her friends while they dish out damage. Her second skill summons a violent stomper that will stomp any cookie craving intruders.

She is good friends with Orange Cookie, Lemon Cookie and Lime Cookie. Not only is she good at baking cookies, but she also loves to run on grasslands after picking strawberries. As a kindhearted person by nature, she does not like hurting her friends or enemies.

Besides being a sweet and refreshing cookie, Strawberry Cookie's personality is as sweet as her delicate appearance. 

She loves talking with other people and has a cheerful, yet overly-enthusiastic personality. 

During the events of World Domination, she was one of the first characters to join Cookie's team, coming to terms with losing her friends, but embraced the opportunity to meet new friends.

There's not a person alive who doesn't like her yummy pink color, that sweet sugary scent or her extravagant appearance. 

The Strawberry Cookie is truly the pinnacle of perfection decided by everyone around the world. She adores being fanned and feeling idolized, enjoying how she feels when she's not bothered.

 If she chose to use it, she could cause great damage. But she is so shy about her strawberry flavor that she never does. It's lucky for her strawberry-flavored friends, who can freely collect her pieces when you've finished using her.

She hides in the bushes and only comes out when she sees a chance to join Cookie Run Kingdom. She also enjoys relaxing at the beach and going fishing with her favorite mouse friends. 

Her shining feature must be her adventurous spirit, especially when it's combined with someone else's strong character. With her shyness, this cool cookie will always have the advantage of surprise!


Scared Strawberry Cookie possesses skills that allow her to assist her allies. She is able to move quickly and attack with fancy moves, shooting her lollipop affecting all. 

The doll has a unique look that adds value to the collection, while creating an experience of pleasure at the same time. 

All dressed in pink and carrying a lollipop, this princess is charming and attractive!

Although she doesn't have the ability to shoot or cling on to walls, her agility is unmatched by other cookies. 

She does, however, have a few tricks up her sleeve -she can stun any enemy within range and make a quick getaway with a lollipop shield. Keep an eye out for this cookie when she's near!

She can fire her lollipop, dealing damage by firing stars as she spins, or throw her lollipop to deal area of effect damage. Her special ability brings upon waves of stars that deal major damage on impact.


The girl in the hoodie that's always with Cookie is Strawberry Cookie, who's as cute as a cookie. She dotes on him and does anything she can to make sure he stays happy. The little puffballs on her hoodie strings remind you of fresh juicy strawberries and just by looking at them makes your mouth water.

Strawberry Cookie represented by a pink strawberry lollipop, is the second character added on June 18, 2016. She is sweet and calm at her core, but will get cranky if you use her too much in battle. She also has a soft spot for animals and she also loves to bake.

She and her friends keep the Kingdom fun and lively by chasing off the rainy clouds. She isn't very fast, but her friends are always there for her if she needs help with anything.

Ever since she joined the team of elite bakers, she's managed to overcome a number of obstacles and was able to create many delicious treats for her friends in the kingdom. She is shown to have a friendly rivalry with Lemon Cookie. 

She is more of an adventurer than an ordinary Strawberry Cookie, as she is ready at any given time to go out of her way to do what she deems right. 

Now you can add her personality and charm to your Cookie Run game with this cool collectible.

Strawberry Cookie Facts

  • Strawberry Cookie is an employee of the Dough Kingdom who is extremely loyal to her kingdom and superior, Twizzly Gummy Cookie. Atop Strawberry Cookie's head are white scoops with her hair bunched around them. Her eyes have tiny pink hearts on them; and she has a scarlet-shaded bowtie on top of a white polka-dotted dress with a red skirt, both worn under her light pink apron with yellow star patterns on it.
  • One day, Strawberry Cookie went on a vacation to the moon and found out about a cooking competition. She signed up for the Cooking Competition and picked up some ingredients from the City Market. Once she got home, she was ready to start cooking! But first, she decided to use her favorite game console and played for hours.
  • Strawberry Cookie is one of the Seven Main Heroes who fought back toward the Kingdom of Cookie from the Dark Choco Army. She is also a very skilled sword fighter who, in battle, wields a strawberry-flavored sword given to her by Dr. Dough who later suggested she then became an eternal weapon to spread strawberry flavored jam all over Cookie Run.
  • The first creation of Strawberry Crepe Cookie Goddess! At her workshop, the Strawberry Crepe Cookie Goddess was bored to death. Then, she found a magical cookie that could produce a ray of light. All she had to do was to find out how to make it. In order to make it as soon as possible, she asked for your help. You are going to be with her on the journey. 

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