Squid Ink Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 20, 2022
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Squid Ink Cookie Info Card

This Epic Cookie was designed to be a potential game changing one, so it only makes sense that Squid Ink Cookie enjoys taking cookies from other players' islands. Squid Ink Cookie focuses on stealing 1 row's worth of Gold Coins. Rejoice in your duplicity, for you are more cunning than most…

It is a powerful Epic Cookie that grants a bonus for the duration it is present on screen. 

Its durations bonus include collecting more coins, dealing more damage to buildings and unlocking Premium buildings more easily. Squid Ink Cookie has a chance to drop from the Daily Reward.

Prepare yourself for this new Epic Cookie to butter up the island with a sprinkling of spice. Appearing in your kingdom for the first time, Squid Ink Cookie is here to test your speed and agility in a new Cookie Run challenge unlike anything you've seen before.

The Squid was weak and confused. Rin took the poor creature home and befriended it. She discovered that this Squid, though fierce on the outside, had a gentle heart on the inside. 

Rin fed it golden pebbles and watched as that Squid grew bigger and bigger. Eventually, with help from Rin and her friends, the Squid became a magnificent sea monster. However, unlike any monster they had ever seen before, this one was good—a gentle giant of the sea!

It helps to shade them from sunlight and protect them from parasites. It also contains minerals needed for the development of a healthy fish. In Cookie Run, if you use this Squid Ink Cookie in your run, you will have advantages such as special effects!

Players can have as many cookies as they wish, more than one can join together at the same time. Devour cookies to fill in the empty space, and evolve your cookie character to make it stronger!


It is a Small and Squishy Cookie that can be used as a throw weapon. The Squid Ink Cookie is squishy, so it will move slowly in midair. But, if it hits its foes, it deals massive damage several times with its Ink Tentacle Slap. 

The undiscovered kingdom you all know about, the place where the Bottles are collected! When Soda Island is in danger, I can quickly get there; when a friend is in trouble, I'll rush to their aid. 

My favorite soda is Tropical, my level is anywhere between 3 and 4 thousand, and my boss is Wafer Cookie. Scroll down to play as me in this cookie action-adventure game!

Sadly, she has received a shocking revelation that she is an actual Squid monster whose parents are not Cookies! Is this comment even true? Only heaven knows! Her unique skill “Ink Tentacle Slap” can deal mass damage several times with the tentacles of the Giant Squid, who is disguised as one Cookie.

Take them past the boundary throughout the lands and islands of the Cookie Run World. Squid Ink Cookies can be called upon with the assist button if you want to run away from your foes while keeping your spirits up. 

However, when they appear in battle, they will come in as monsters that are large, strong and...squeeze you like a Cookie! This squid has fallen into the tropical soda waters and has grown big in size. Beware of its attack! Who knows what kind of squeezy damage it will do!

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  • Squid Ink Cookies, sometimes called Octopi Cookies due to the number of arms possessed by both creatures, are enchanted cookies that appear to be octopus-shaped living cookies. They are found only in the Cookie Run Kingdom, where they seem to spend most of their time lounging around in the clouds and watching over the Forbidden Jungle. However, they can be occasionally seen swimming faster than a jetliner through uncharted territory among the skies above the kingdom.
  • She flies around on her broomstick, leaving trails of multi-colored stars in her wake and occasionally with the help of other flying objects like a Puffle to solve puzzles.
  • She Ink has several different abilities, including flying short distances and creating ink shields to block and damage opponents. However, he/she is not very strong in terms of health and power, making him/her simple to defeat.