Sprun Gungeon Explained

Sep 13, 2021
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After picking up the sprun, you'll start shooting spruns instead of bullets. Although shooting spruns does no damage, it also won't hurt Gavla even if it hits her or other shopkeepers. 

Sprun will spawn a Sproutling upon taking damage, which is a heavy, sprout-shaped bullet shaped plant, whose attacks include ramming enemies at high speed and releasing a burst of damaging pollen at them. 

The Sproutling acts as a meat shield against most ranged attacks.

This item applies the lethal heck buff upon entering a new room. 

The effect occurs after leaving the current room or starting battle with any enemy.

This weapon looks like a tiny man, which fires out little green orbs which hurt enemies. The item has the ability to increase the speed of all shots fired by the player. The chance increases with each consecutive shot. This item can be used to get an extra life and has doubled the quantity of bullets.


The Sprun item is obtained in Item Challenge 6 through the Shooty Skies item set. 

It is one of the most expensive items in the game due to its mechanics, and can be considered an upgrade of the Guon Stone

The Sprun will orbit the player like the Guon Stone, but does not deal damage or protect you from bullets like it; however, it does allow you to use your abilities without interference. 

If the player has Void active upon acquiring the item, they will die upon picking it up.

Sometimes, the best guns in a game aren't the most powerful ones. In some cases, an item can be a better fit for a character even if it has a smaller number of stars or a lower DPS than a bigger-starred gun. The Sprun can block bullets, which is excellent for dodgers and characters with low HP. 

It stays near the player, unlike some other orbiting items, which often make it difficult to dodge items from far away. 

It can help deal more damage as well as absorb hits from bullets as long as the player hits an enemy first. In this guide, I will cover how to properly use the Sprun based on my experience with it thus far.

It's nice to carry around an orbiting buddy that can block bullets for you, but they'll also hit you. I'm talking about the Guon Stones. 

They're really quite useful, especially in close quarters, but sometimes you don't want them near you. 

It has similar abilities to the Guon Stones but is a bit more versatile.

If an item's status is true , the first half of its definition will apply on pickup, and the second half on use. 

If it has no status set, it will act immediately on pickup, unless already active (such as camouflage). Finally, if you wish for an item to act immediately upon pickup, simply set its status to true .

Other Items: Iron Coin , Spice

Sprun 101

It's common knowledge that when you start a Blessed Run, Sprun will not trigger when you're already at max speed. 

However, I just discovered something interesting in the game code for this implementation of Sprun. 

My theory is that when in a Blessed Run, to prevent situations where you can break all your guns by replacing them with Max Packrat items, the game checks if the player is at max speed BEFORE attaching Max Packrat. 

That would explain why in my test cases it still triggered when I replaced, which led me to call into question if it only worked in Max Vitality because I was at full health (lethal vacuums are possible through other items like Warlock's Staff).

Blessed run is an ingame mechanic that allows the player to reach very high floors without dying. Simply put, it lets you use one item on another enemy no matter how far away they are. 

It's great for getting consumables, but terrible for killing bosses...when you have to use items on them.

If the player falls into a pit trigger, enters the Oubliette, and exits it before their curse counter has been reduced to zero, they may have a chance of not being cursed at all. 

The player's curse counter will decrease normally while inside the Oubliette. 

If a curse counter level decreases to zero while a character is in a pit trigger, they will be teleported out of the pit and the Oubliette will cause them to have one less curse counter than would have been expected.

Also, his last attack may also be risky during certain conditions. 

The first 2 attacks have patterns that are easy to dodge based on the bullet patterns. His last attack can be finicky because of how it handles projectiles being engaged to him.