Spice Gungeon Explained

Sep 13, 2021
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Spice is a powder that is handled like a normal item, but has a unique effect: it will start replacing any items and pickups you pick up. 

This happens to every Picks , and the more you use Spice, the more common this effect becomes. Each new pickup will drop as a random different replacement item. 

Just like food, some replacement items will be better than others.

Spice is an item found in the game Enter the Gungeon

Because of its unique mechanic, it really has no use to other items except itself, but is sought out by players due to its importance to other sought-out items. 

The first time it is acquired, it is relatively weak compared to most other weapons. 

As it starts replacing items however, it becomes stronger (and stronger weapons tend to be better) over time.

This is a gun that is extremely rare and hard to find. However, every time you find it and use it, it starts to stack and multiply. 

Spice can be used in tandem with most weapons and items, creating new variations of guns with special modifiers at the end of each floor.

Other items: Prime Primer, Iron Coin


First Use

Although there is no official data for this, the effect of Spice after the first use is probably: Heals 1 heart. Improves speed by 20%. Decreases shot spread by 25%.

The most plausible explanation is that after the first time you use it, the efficacy of Spice increases. 

This is confirmed by picking up another spice afterwards (so long as you're not leveling your character) where it says "Spice again?" (but again with increased efficacy).

The effects of Spice can be divided into two categories: those that only last the duration of the room the player is in, and those that follow the player from room to room. The first category includes achieving a head of steam, wherein the item's quantity is doubled, as well as increasing the player's speed by 50%. 

The second includes a bad trip during which The Bullet will chase after the player for 10 seconds, increasing the curse by 1 or 2 points.

Second Use

Some Consumables, such as the Seeds of Fire and Mysterious Shells, can be used multiple times. 

This is true for all items that you can carry with you. These second and subsequent uses of the Consumables tend to have increased effects than their first use. Some of them also increase your Curse by 1.

Using it for the second time will make these effects last 100% longer and will also cause all pickups and items (including bombs) to be replaced with Spice upon reloading a save file, forever until god mode is activated. 

Weapons, pills, and Familiars that spawn with spice will retain their spice effects; however, Captain Coin's head effect will not work if Captain Coin is already obtained, as he replaces the heart pickup (and thus would never drop). 

Spice 101

Gungeon’s early game requires you to be very cautious with your resources if you want to survive. While rare, the player might be tempted to use up all of their valuable gun and ammo pickups for easier enemies. 

This is risky because once they enter the next chamber, they will likely encounter their first Spice devil. 

The player should prepare by stocking up on larger health potions and guns before entering, so if they happen to eat these too, it won't hurt as much. The player should also attempt to kill any smaller enemies first before attempting this, since that makes it less likely that they will be left with 1 HP near the end of the room. 

As stated in the item's description, using Spice will "dynamically" change nearly every weapon and item found by the player to be different. 

This explains why, once used, none of the weapons or items will ever ever appear ever again. 

It also makes you wonder what replaces bullet weapons, what replaces the shopkeeper's various wares, and what replaces so many of the potions' effects.

Spice Item in Enter the Gungeon is one of the most powerful items to use for The Robot, but can be used on any other character. 

Understandably, if you play as The Wizard or The Bullet Bouncer, Spice will upgrade your armor, since both of these characters start with zero armor.

However, if you play as The Robot, it will not add or remove armor. 

It is also an extremely rare item to find in game, so catching one can turn certain stages into very easy challenges.