Sorbet Shark Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 8, 2022
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Sorbet Shark Cookie is a very curious character who has made a long journey from the cold region of Northerbake. She came to Southern Soda Island to learn everything about baking and explore the islands beyond Soda Island.

Sorbet Shark Cookie longs to escape their watery habitat and join the pirates for a party! To this end, it runs about the land of Cookies Run Kingdom, trying to collect gems and chocolate cake so that it may strengthen the mystical barriers that keep them from the pirates. 

It is not a very fast runner, but it's perseverance has not gone unnoticed. The pirate captain was so touched by Sorbet Shark Cookie's kindness that he gave it a key to his ship, hoping that one day, Sorbet Shark Cookie will return with him to the sea.

Sorbet Shark Cookie is an adorable Cookie who is always bubbly and extremely excited for a party, regardless of whether he's on land or underwater. His slowness can be a hindrance, but his friendly demeanor makes him the perfect teammate to bring along to any adventure! As with all cookies, he loves eating cake at birthday parties.

The Shark Cookie was born one deep sea night during a party of pirates and cookies. The shark was sad that the rest of his underwater pals couldn't join the fun, but when he emerged from the depths into the world above, he realized that the view from up here was a sight to be seen. 

No cookies have swimmed with this shark yet, but if you pick one up from the sea floor, maybe you and Cookie can both finally get some peace of mind.

This chocolate cookie was transformed into a shark in another kingdom after he dreamed of swimming with pirates. 

In his new form, Sorbet Shark Cookie put on his scuba gear and began spreading the word about his cookies to pirates. 

However, whenever he emerged from the water, he found the other Cookies had already run off. Therefore, Sorbet Shark Cookie has sworn not to make any more messy splashes, instead choosing to carefully walk ashore with his cookie crumbs!


Let this stone hold the spirit of Sorbet Shark Cookie, your favourite character in the game! How to obtain the Soul Stone? 

Cookie Run Kingdom has witnessed the birth of a brand-new type of cookies - Soul Cookies! You might see them hiding in the dark or even spying on you from the dark corners. 

Rumor has it that when these soul cookies meet their owner Sorbet Shark Cookie, they can reveal their true form to become Soul Stones.

Talent: Shark Splash

The Shark Cookie's Talent turns the Cookie into a shark. Its skill is an area attack. The Cookie jumps out of the Restaurant to perform a surprise attack on all the enemies in sight, excluding summoned foes. In addition to its normal attack, it deals additional damage to the two enemies with the highest Max HP within range (excluding summoned foes), relative to the enemies' Max HP and cannot exceed 300,000 points. The two additional attacks can only be done on Cookies and regular enemies.

Cookie, who is a mage of the Frosting Kingdom, possesses the ice-based Sorbet Talent, which allows her to unleash frost magic to deal extensive area damage to enemies around her. 

Getting this talent will allow Cookie to deal damage to the frontmost enemies as well as reduce their Max HP.

Cookies are dropping and it's your job to collect them! Cookie Run is a fast-paced endless runner that sends you on a feverish real-time dash through a world full of cookies. 

Collect them, eat them, and compete with your friends in a battle for the biggest belly. Get your game strategy on with an all new friend--the Shark Cookie! The Shark Cookie ambushes the enemies up front, dealing damage to multiple targets as it devours them whole. 


They used to be a member of the popular idol group, but it was derailed because of their scandal and betray that made them a social pariah. Forced to join the new group, "Black Index", for her probation, their acting skills are extraordinary and it makes them extremely popular.

They are known as having immense potential power under their sleeves, which they use to swoop in and save the day whenever there's trouble. Their physical appearance is also based on that of real life bull sharks.

Sorbet Shark Cookies are semi-aquatic cookie monsters that inhabit swamps, and are often eaten by many animals in Cookie Run Kingdom. Their thick rubbery skin is bright pink and only one variation exists; being the species' name, "Sorbet Shark Cookie".

These toothsome sharks are found in the waters surrounding the Googleplex, west of San Francisco. Their shiny pink skin and flat, blunt teeth indicate a diet consisting mostly of cold sweets and desserts. They are the only species known to enjoy eating ice cream at room temperature.

These shark wizards are not fussy about the company they keep and are usually seen partying with seagulls and dragons. When cooking, they can taste the essence of the ocean, as though they were underwater themselves. Their simplest dishes tend to be delightfully delicious.


Sorbet Shark Cookie stands for loyalty, and will do whatever it takes for its crew. They are the Cookies that really want to become a pirate, but at the end of the day, they're just a shark with a pretty tough exterior who dreams of one day being accepted.

Oh, pirates. 

They're the heroes that we all look up to and the scoundrels who we love to hate. One thing that we can always count on is that they're wild and crazy, and it's a good time if you happen to run into them at sea. 

It's for this reason that Sorbet Shark Cookie wishes to become a Cookienaut. Their goal is plain and simple-to join the crew of a pirate ship and enjoy adventures on the open water with their newfound friends!

They are a bit of an oddball, with their shark-like appearance and attitude. This shark has been studying the land, and knows how to fight. Even though they will not let anyone eat them, they can still be eaten by other players who have items that prevent others from eating them. They are somewhat unique as they are the only blue colored cookies in all of Cookie Run Kingdom.

At the time, the Cookie was traveling from island to island in search of ingredients for better sweets. They named them Sorbet Shark Cookie and began to teach them about cooking. 

Through many years of learning and practice, Sorbet Shark Cookie made many friends, some who consider them as trustworthy companions. This dream is where they wish to fulfill through a life of their own adventures.