Sixth Chamber Gungeon

Sep 20, 2021
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It increases damage on shots by 6% for every enemy on the screen along with every enemy nearby the enemy being shot. Enemies include any type of enemy, including bosses.

It will always be a valid pickup - no Junk or Unidentified Items. As an added bonus, each time one of your weapons runs out of ammo, it will drop another one corresponding to that weapon's type.

This may seem detrimental to the gun, but there are numerous perks to this weapon which make it worthwhile to use in a firefight.

This means it does nothing on its own, but it does have an effect on other items. 

In this example, the sixth chamber increases your base damage by 10%. 

This means the next time you fire a gun it will do more damage. 

This item will increase your damage output substantially if worn in conjunction with high-damage items.

It adds 1 to both the player's total health and armor, stacks multiplicatively with the Bullet That Can Kill The Past's health boost, increases their shot speed by 40%, delays weapon cooldowns by 0.1 seconds per level, and reduces damage taken by 20%. 

This item can be found in The Nexus, dropped by the Queen Scared-As-Crap, or purchased from Grant for 4.49.


Essentially the opposite of Klobber, Coolness means you use items more frequently. 

You will have to use your judgment with this effect. Is it better to have 10 items active at once, or have them refresh every room? 

Again, play around with it to figure out what works best for your run.

The Coolness item is one of the Gungeon’s most powerful and endearing items, but some might argue that “coolness” is subjective. 

With that in mind, we decided to take a look at the different ways you can use this item and how those effects can be used for or against you.

Coolness appears in the early levels of the game and provides a different approach to gameplay that was already established by the shotgun.

The way the original mechanic worked was that if you got any pickup during the curse (either through picking it up or using it), an invisible flag was set which gave you a lower chance at picking up another pickup for a short period of time after the curse wore off. 

This update appears to mainly be intended to fix situations where cursed enemies drop pickups, though there is no change in any enemy’s AI (which means that the update only applies to situations where ammo or health dropped by. 

Other Items: Book of Chest Anatomy, Daruma