Ser Junkan In Gungeon Explained

Sep 15, 2021
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In Enter the Gungeon, Ser Junkan is generated as a type of chest. Despite being a Junk item, It does not come from a chest nor a Shopkeeper instead it comes from a chest-like object referred to as a Cache. 

The player can identify Ser Junkan by his blue glow and the fact that he shoots bullets instead of throwing plasma balls at the player. 

In terms of appearance he is dressed similarly to other Knights except his body is colored orange and has a different shaped helm.

In many areas, It can replace random items in chests; for example, he may be found in the Supply Room if the player makes it far enough. This is a reference to bonus rooms where you get bonus items like 'All Chests Are Junks', 'All Enemies Are Junk' and 'All Items Are Junk'. 

Unlike the other items, however, Ser Junkan appears to have a pre-set location in each stage.

It is a passive item that can appear after defeating bosses or destroying chests. 

He will walk around the room and randomly fire bullets at enemies for up to 3 magazines before disappearing. 

He can fire either cursed or regular bullets, which may be directly controlled by player action.

Throughout the game, there are certain named items which can only be found at a specific time and place. 

These special items, seen above, include a pair of boots, a gun known as the Cracksman, a plate of poultry and a vanity item held by the Junk Knight. One of these items is Ser Junkan, a secret boss in the game

Ser Junkan 101

This is a sword that heals the player for a specific amount of health each time they have been shot. However, if a player wields this sword and dies, there once was a bug where the player could not be revived after being shot by other players. 

However, this bug was patched out in Update 1.03, but before that patch it would work incorrectly. 

In the original version of the game, dying while wielding Ser Junkan would still kill the player normally unless they were the last person alive.

There is a bug with this gun where if one player has it and dies, and another does not and they die at the same time, the first player will be revived. 

This has happened most for me in co-op with another player, where I die with Ser Junkan pre-kill, then they shoot me once but kill me with their Holy Knight due to my low health with Ser Junkan's health mod.

I was not expecting that when I aim for the blank next to Ser Junkan in his Holy Knight form, I will end up shooting him instead. Or when I shoot my blanks (A Shotgun, Wand of Sparking) in the room where I fight the fake Ser Junkan, my blanks will stop firing after a while.

In Enter the Gungeon there are a lot of strange mechanics which you have probably noticed. But one of these strange features was not immediately apparent to myself or anyone else I've talked to. If you go over to the Shopkeeper and purchase the item, Ser Junkan's Holy Knight, you will find that entering a chest with this item equipped will inflict a strange status effect on you. 

The status effect in question is "Health Down" and makes your max health go to a quarter of what it usually is for a period of time.

Trashcannon is the first gun available to the player. Its firing rate, range, and damage are all mediocre, but it has thirty ammo per shot, powerful synergy with basically every item, and above average dps for an early game weapon. 

The most notable feature on this gun, however, is its curved bullet. Most of the game's enemies are big enough for you to land more than one shot on them at mid-range or beyond. 

It is too small to reliably hit enemies over more than one shot, synergizes poorly with Trashcannon, and only has two shots before needing large pickups to recharge him - so why try to use him?

Ser Junkan, a character from Vlambeer's first game "Ridiculous Fishing", was quietly added as a playable character in Enter the Gungeon on July 20th, 2017.

It is a single-use item that spawns Ser Junkan as a shopkeeper. This shopkeeper acts as normal during any kind of Shop Phase, and will sell items as Smokin' Joe. 

In the next Shop Phase, he will spawn several waves of Hardmode enemies. For the following Shop Phases, he will go back to being a Shopkeeper and loot can be collected from him.

Other Items: Orange, Sprun