Sea Fairy Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 10, 2022
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Sea Fairy Cookir Info Card

Make a splash in the kingdom and meet Sea Fairy Cookie! This legendary cookie is of the Bomber class and as such, is recommended to be positioned in the middle lineup. 

Her skill sets include taking long distance shots when she receives a power up, deals extra damage with all of her attacks, and has an increased chance of blocking opponents' skills when her skill gauge is maxed out.

As a Bomber, Sea Fairy Cookie is good to place in the middle position.When Sea Fairy Cookie has been used as a Bombing Card, she will drop a small bomb (for 5 seconds only) with limited range. The bombs are not located on the timer; however, the bombs will start to beep when they are about to explode, making them more predictable and easier to avoid. The bomb will explode when she touches another Monster. 

When a bomb has been placed, its timer will be shown as an icon at the top left of the screen (and it will also appear on other players' screens). 

You cannot use any cards while a bomb is active. Sea Fairy Cookie takes up a slot in your team even if she has not been deployed yet; therefore, trying to collect ingredients using the Card Collection strategy during this time is ineffective. 

It is recommended that you exit any events (including Raids) if you want to change the cookie for Sea Fairy Cookie because you will lose incidences of Cookies that have been collected before changing the cookie.

Her attacks will blow up bubbles around her and create a large explosion, which means she has a good range. She can cause severe damage to multiple Cookies at the same time and can also melt Enemies into dark chocolate, giving players more points.

With her endless bravery and creative prowess, Sea Fairy Cookie is a force to be reckoned with. 

Though she was once a sweet and innocent spirit who served over the Lumière Plains, she now roams the lands of the Kingdom searching for fun, adventure, and new ways to blow stuff up. Her Bombs are hot, they’re spicy, they’re good!

She was originally an ordinary mermaid princess, but was turned into a cookie by the evil sea witch, Lady Lagoon. 

Lady Lagoon had claimed she could make a better soldier than any of her brothers, making her mother and her brothers terribly angry with her. 

To punish her for such insolence, they threw grandma and grandpa into the ocean. Before grandma and grandpa drowned, Sea Fairy Cookie used her magic to save them.

She has the ability to steal any item from the shop and uses it for her own good. 

She also has the ability to create a 3 way fruit blast that can clear many items in the path!

She wears a nurse's headband and a long-sleeved uniform. Her sea shell is located on her forehead, and she has strings of shells that extend from her back onto the floor. 

Her hair is of a darker blonde tone than the other Legendary Cookies. She has markings on her arm like the ones on Mango Cookie.

Talent: Soaring Compassion

Don't be fooled by Sea Fairy Cookie's cute looks, as she's a real lifesaver in the heat of battle. 

Her Soaring Compassion skill produces a powerful stream of water to stun your enemies before turning into a pool of water that explodes, causing massive damage to surrounding foes. Just like the sea itself, look out for her during raids!

Sea Fairy Cookie is not a pure damage-dealing character. What makes her different from the rest is that she has healing abilities that are more effective than potions in terms of healing allies as well as herself. 

She will also have access to certain defensive abilities, and most surprising of all, even supportive abilities in the future.

This trait of hers is the driving force behind her helpful and protective ability, because she's willing to sacrifice everything for the people she loves.


Sea Fairy Cookie is a magical mermaid with a collection of magical balls. She is the only character that can use these balls to attack enemies and change them into cookies.

The last member of the Heart Kingdom's Seven Princesses, she is fair and graceful; a veritable underwater fairy. 

Every movement exudes beauty, and her voice emanates warmth and kindness. What is most noteworthy about Sea Fairy Cookie is that despite being a mermaid, she loves to bake. 

Because of this, she is often referred to as the mermaid in a chef's outfit due to her working in the kitchen with her sisters-in-law.

The blue mermaid princess' power lies in her graceful gesture, which summons the wrath of the sea. Her skillful fist crosses through the air to create a double-edged magic projectile. 

Her special ability is called "Blue Sword", where her dagger transforms into a long sword with chainable attacks.

Her appearance is based on the concept of waves in water, and her weapon reflects the idea of gems found in the sea. 

She comes with a dagger that glitters in the sunlight, and she no longer ages as you level up like other fairies at her stage.

Sea Fairy Cookie Facts

  • Sea Fairy Cookie wants you to join her in the kingdom of the Sea Nymphs! Run with cookies and score big in this fun and fast-paced Cookie Run game! Collect as many cookies as you can before time runs out, but beware of new enemies popping up along the way! Earn enough points to earn a magical bonus that'll take you on an adventure with your favorite underwater creatures. 
  • She is the sea fairy of her world, and a member of the "Cookie Run Kingdom". She has a sweets theme, and wears an ice-cream themed outfit, which she admits cocoons her well during the cold. Her main weapon is a sword that can safely encase her in ice, allowing her to pass through lava without taking damage.
  • The Sea Fairy Cookie features a music box not unlike our other gatchas! Compared to the original Tower of Frozen Waves, this Gacha sequence theme plays at a slower pace and features calming nature sounds (crashing waves, seagull caws, etc).

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