Ruby Bracelet Gungeon Explained

Nov 7, 2021
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Ruby Bracelet is a passive Item. 2-5% chance to not consume Hyper. Ruby Bracelets effect is merely a cosmetic one, as its name implies. 

Upon purchase, it adds a second red gem on the player's Hyper bar. This effect applies to all characters the player has.

It's a very interesting passive item which can have a huge effect on your gameplay.

It’s not just one or two things that makes this hat amazing, it’s more than that. One might think the main attribute is its 9 extra shots, but there is so much more than just that.

There are a lot of items in Gungeon, from different colors to shapes, but one item in particular is known for convenience and expediency- the Ruby Bracelet. Each time you move, three shots will be fired in a cone that starts at your character and gets wider as it grows. 

Each bullet deals a bit less damage then normal but fires in a very predictable cone pattern creating a high DPS build when used correctly. 

The accuracy of the gun makes it easy to farm enemies over walls and create safe spacing in the middle of enemy crowds. 


When I originally made my statement, I was unaware that the effect also worked on thrown guns. If a gun is dropped and shot at a wall directly below, the explosion will deal a whopping ~63 damage to every enemy in the room. 

Needless to say, this is going to be very difficult to pull off, but if you can pull it off, you have one of the most powerful potential weapon combinations in the game.

A masochistic place full of bullets and enemies, but a place nonetheless. A realm where your guns are more powerful the further away from your character they are. 

This makes for hilarious scenarios where you charge from around a corner to unleash a hail of bullets, only to end up shooting yourself in the face…and it is glorious.

Ruby Bracelet Facts

The Ruby's Effects in Bracelet weapon set is a unique piece that allows the character to fire off its shot with different effects than normal. 

For example, rather than firing four streams of bullets which inflict constant damage the gun will fire two parallel columns of bullets. 

The shots they release can inflict heavy damage against enemies or bosses.