Riddle of Lead Item

Oct 2, 2021
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It is a powerful weapon, as it grants the player +1 damage, as well as increasing the speed at which they fire their gun. Riddle of Lead is also very cheap, as one can be purchased from the mystery box for only 5 coins. 

The gungeon prefers to feed lead to those who pass through, hungry for more riddles. 

It grants a 12.5% chance to not consume ammunition from pickups, allowing it to stack with the Ammo Box items from the Mercenary and Robot for a maximum possible 25% chance to not consume ammunition. 

Considering that small health pickups increase pickup range by 3, then the ammo pickup range would be increased by 1, allowing it to refill ammo even on its own.

As I’m sure most people know, now that the DLC for Enter the Gungeon has been out for a few months and with the death and decay of literally everything, there haven’t been many new runs on Twitch –or at least very many that I actually watch – but with the recent release of an update for the game adding five new bosses and a few other minor tweaks (and one huge one that literally eliminates pots from the game–more on this later), there is literally no time like the present to try this game out if you haven’t played it before!

It increases your health by 200 points and causes all enemies to drop more pickups when killed. For every multiple of 10 times you hit an enemy, it will drop an extra pickup, with a maximum of 2 pickups at any given time. 

Although it does not show up in the HUD's inventory, it can be seen on the floor next to Isaac when he is holding the item. 

In co-op games, both players' copies of the Riddle of Lead stack separately.

When it counts down to 0, bullets from each enemy are converted into Soul hearts. 

For example, if 10 rooms are completed before the counter reaches 0, two extra seconds will be added to the counter.

It seems like the enemy is not really harmed (or even affected) by such projectiles, and such enemy is not slowed down. 

On the contrary, upon hitting the enemy with such a bullet, it would become enraged and pissed off at you!

The riddle was posed by Thulsa Doom, an evil warlord searching for a worthy nemesis, someone to oppose him in battle. 

His goal is to find that person who holds the strength of steel, who he can test against it. Conan, known for his prowess at both fighting and understanding steel, hears the riddle.

The use of steel can be seen throughout Enter the Gungeon but due to its association with destruction it makes sense that this would be what caused Maritas curse. Also given that Bullet Kin are often found near this item's location shows that there is some meaning behind this weapon.

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