Red Velvet Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 21, 2022
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Red Velvet Cookie is a stern-looking cookie that dons the vestments of a nobleman. He is the highest rank of the royal family and is considered next to King Cookie in power. 

Red Velvet Cookie was once a competent, high ranking official before he was corrupted by Devil Cookie and his fondness for sweets.

His ability is called Fondant which deals massive area damage to all opponents within its range.

He may be weak when idling and his chances of getting any items from his 4 item slots are lower than most other cookies, but in the hands of a skilled player he can wreak havoc on the battlefield.

The Gingerbread man who loves Charge so much and is shaped like a red frosting chocolate chip cookie. 

He's terribly shy, and a cupid for everyone. His fate was scattered by a dark power. After many hardships finally he found a castle where he started a new life.

He is a life-loving, but conflict-seeking cookie that enjoys eating cookies and making short appearances in events. He gets annoyed whenever humans appear at the same time with his trainee Cakeberus along with human foods.

His duty is to capture and imprison the Timeless Kingdom's cookies for Cakeberus. 

After being beaten by the player, he confirms his own good intentions and assists them in trying to set up a timed-machine for Cakeberus, as well as reminding them about not losing focus during their quest, just because of his lack of intelligence.

Exiled from his home by a mysterious King in the North, he seeks to open a Bakery empire with the passing of the Cookie Chief. He is later found to be a remnant of Pastry Cookie's memories of what he turned into during his former reign. 

However, he learns justice and friendship that connects him back to his former self, now striving to open a Bakery empire with Pastry Cookie's knowledge within him.

He is known to be somewhat childish, but isn't always like this. David has a short temper and usually likes to fight others until he gets what he wants. He's also the trainer of Cakeberus.


Red Velvet Cookie conjures up a burst of energy, pouring it into their over-inflated body. 

With their newly gained strength and speed, they rush headlong into the battlefield in front of them and return the enemy's power against itself, stunning enemies for a short time.

The skill can grasp the farthest enemy and bring it in front of the Cookie squad, dealing great damage and stunning them for a short time.  

Crimson Hand cannot be interrupted by any external force, but it can only be deployed after the 1st skill level up. 

As the bonus effect, it increases speed by 30% and power by 20% when eating cookies or chocolate.

 Its skills include dealing swift critical damage to the entire enemy team, and stunning for a short time. These cookies are in high demand because of their ability to deal great damage and provide crucial support to the Cakes.

Using her Crimson Hand, she can grab her enemies and deliver a boost to all of your cookies nearby by stunning them, giving you time to deal your damage!

By picking up the rearmost enemy in battle, it can bring it to the front of the formation, stunning it for a short time. 

The fragile nature of this Cookie means that the Unit will most likely perish in the process, so it should be supported and protected at all times.

She is the leader and ruler of the Muddy group. She controls a large group of zombies, cherubs, and witches that hand out presents to all who come to her castle…even if they are corpses or ghosts. She has been taking care of them for a very long time.


He has a red and white cake arm, more specifically his right arm where he holds his sword with, and a normal human arm, which holds his weapon. On a full moon night Red-V Cookie was born in the bakery to the baker's surprise, as he had never seen offspring like him before.

He has created a cookie world, which has similarities with fairy tale and fantasy worlds. The game is set in the Ruby Palace which is located on an island in the midst of a sea of lava, where Red Velvet Cookie lives.

He's always there to help his friends when they need him, whether it be fighting off an invasion of 'bad guys' in the Neighbor Island or helping stop an insane villain at the center of the Earth.

He appears when Clover Kingdom is in great peril and makes all rise to the occasion. He can spread his blood onto his enemies, painting them with a deadly curse. Beware of his sudden appearance!

Her eyes are dark red, like the rest of her body. She wears a dark red top with a fluffy white fur collar. 

Her boots have rubies on them, just like the one on her sword. The Red Velvet family has been making cookies for generations, now she is here to serve even more people!

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  • Having been born with a Cake Arm, he had to feel different from other kids as he grew up.
  • He has met countless people and made friends. With his unique ability to summon the power of Cake, he has great potential to be the hero that Cookies need. He's been found in many, if not all cakes, along with lots of other different goodies! What's special about Red Velvet Cookie is that he knows who he is and has decided to stay true to himself.  
  • She's a tough cookie, with both high HP and offense stats. To assist her, she relies on her pets to help. Her ability to feed Cakes rations can serve as a way to heal herself, while her skill can be useful when attempting to eliminate several Cake monsters at once.
  • Cookies that wear equipment from the Black Dragon Set will remain immune to this ability. She also possesses a special passive ability, as well as that she is tied with her brother, Snow Sugar Cookie with having five hits on every attack, along with her sister, Pure Vanilla Cookie and Carrot Cookie.