Raspberry Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 19, 2022
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Raspberry Cookie Info Card

Raspberry Cookie is a well-balanced Epic friend that places 15% less pressure on the Cursor when defeating an enemy than most other Heroes, but still helps out in group combat by dealing increased damage. 

She also has a low Spawn Rate so you can take your time recruiting her. This Cookie does not have any specific family, and is placed at the beginning of the Epic queue for her team.

She is not a cookie you should underestimate, she’s a Cowgirl and her style will be familiar to you if you’ve battled in the Wild West. At first glance, as with all Royal Candies, she may not seem like much. 

 She wears a black baker's hat and a white chef jacket with red-striped sleeves over a dark indigo shirt with rolled up sleeves and red satin material at the cuffs of her coat and down the front of the shirt. 

She also wears black pants and indigo boots with golden buckles. On the back left side of her head is a small bit of hair that resembles another raspberry. Her monster icon shows the back of her head with the berry in place of where her hat would be.

She is an energetic girl who loves making sweets, cooking, and especially eating them! 

Armed with an enormous spatula, she uses it to fling cookies to both attack and defend against obstacles. Although shy at first, she warms up to others fast and becomes a trustworthy companion.

Raspberry Cookie has lost her legs after falling down from the sky. Her friends, Apple Cookie and Strawberry Cookie, volunteered to give her some apple canes as prostheses.

Talent: Raspberry Reprise

Raspberry Reprise does a quick dash at the enemy of your choosing and relentlessly stabs them. The attack reduces the target's ATK for a short time as it happens. 

As she uses her skill, Raspberry Cookie becomes more resistant to logic-based interruption effects.

Her amazing culinary skills allow her to dash through enemies and temporarily lower their ATK. She also becomes more resilient against attack to better protect her allies as they join the pursuit.

This skill is a consecutive attack that can be activated by swiping her finger in the shape of a C. If a user taps on Raspberry Cookie, you will see that she has this ability.

She is one of Princess Bubblegum's earliest creations, and made her first appearance in the fourth season premiere episode "Sons of Mars." Her duty as Royal Guard is to protect Princess Bubblegum from any potential dangers, including those from foes she created herself.

With her special ability, she can dash forward to the enemy with the highest attack power and rapidly decrease their own attack. 

The more enemies she consecutively defeats, the longer the tribute will remain active. In addition, she can also escape from being caught easily thanks to her movement speed being higher than others while using her skill.

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Raspberry Facts

  • She is one of the older members of the royal court and often acts as an adviser to both Princess French Toast and Princess Almond Joy, who tend to be more impulsive (and in some cases, flighty) than she is. She is calm, conservative and very thoughtful in her advice.
  • Her voice is similar to Princess Bubblegum's. She got her name after discovering that she was related to Raspberry Mousse Cookie.
  • She lives in the cold far north with her uncle Ginger Cookie as her guardian. She loves to bake, but her cookies are always burnt because she's bad at paying attention during cooking time. She's also terrible at playing Winter Carnival Ice-Hockey and hasn't scored a goal yet. Her cousin Raspberry Mousse is ranked third in the kingdom for the number of Winter Carnivals won.
  • Her archrival is Jewel Cookie, another guardian angel in the same year. They each guard the other's secret base and prevent jewel cookies from getting past their defenses.
  • Raspberry Cookie has trained in the art of fencing since she was born. This ability would prove useful in her one day quest to take over the Chateau Raspberry and inherit its riches. But as she grew older, this multi-talented female also learned other survival skills like baking, breeding plants, and farming so that she will be able to protect herself from the dangers lurking in Raspberry Lemon Colony or elsewhere. Her favorite pastime is picking freshly grown raspberries with her royal walking stick.
  • She uses her knowledge to run a successful cookie business, wise enough to offer new customers free cookies when they sign up for her monthly newsletter. Her top quality products are made entirely with fresh berries and ingredients imported from the finest bakeries across terrains of Hollyberry Kingdom.