Pure Vanilla Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 7, 2022
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Spawned in the Kingdom, he is full of curiosity and always eager to learn more about the world around him. Herb Cookie loves to listen to the sound of falling raindrops under his trusty leaf umbrella on rainy days!

Herb Cookie's favorite weather is rain and his favorite hangout spot is under his trusty leaf umbrella on rainy days. His herbaceous scent comes from fresh green herbs. Herb Cookie ensures your happiness as you play!

This curious herb specializes in making cookies but loves to bake just about anything. 

When he's not busy mixing his formulas and kneading his dough, he spends time with friends and family...or just enjoys a quiet afternoon under his leaf umbrella on rainy days.

He loves fresh green herbs, and many of his attacks and abilities revolve around these herbs. Herb grew up in the Cocoa Kingdom, where he lived for several years until he was taken away by Ms. Candy to help her take over Cute Kingdom, where he now resides unknowing of his past.

He walks to work every day with his trusty umbrella, and he is known as a weather forecast genius in his homeland. Despite the label saying "The Unnatural Vegetarian", Herb Cookie would actually enjoy meat if given the chance.

He works hard to become a famous baker, but sometimes he can be clumsy. 

He dreams of standing on the stage at the Great Sage's annual show and showing off his delicious cookies!

Talent: Love & Peace

Pure Vanilla is a hybrid class with both healer and damage dealer roles. 

His skills include Love & Peace, an ability that rapidly replenishes the party's HP and that shields the party proportional to the amount of HP they have, and the Noble Bunny Feather skill, which increases Pure Vanilla's attack power and speed. Pure Vanilla is effective in supporting weak backliners and dealing significant damage to enemies.

This nature spirit can fly about and kick up a lot of sand, but for some reason is drawn to cookies. Although at first he made his way as a purveyor of cookies, he soon joined the Fairy Defense, where he uses his Vanilla Orchid Staff to heal his allies.

He is a master of the element of love and uses his ornamental staff to heal his friends and defend them against the forces of evil. 

Wielding the fang of Orchi, in his human form, he fights with a brown staff with a green gem at the top. In his Demon God form, he turns into a phoenix, which is known for its rebirth and immortality.

He has a shield that increases the amount of damage his party members can endure. 

His specialty is using his HP to heal his allies' wounds, and wiping out any incoming enemies with Petrify!

The King (Pure) ruling over the land of cookies and cakes! 

Not only is he a great ruler, but he also has a special skill that is super effective on the battlefield. 

His shields will protect his teammate's weakness, allowing this Cookie Prince to rule over the Cake Castle in kbg mobile games free eternal peace.


Pure Vanilla Cookie shows himself to be one of the oldest, most powerful and kindest rulers in the realm of Caperlandia. 

Despite his magical might, he uses his magic for good and only uses it with good intentions. 

Like all monarchs, he is entitled to certain luxuries of royalty, but remains humble over his abilities. 

He also has a lot of responsibility at being a strong leader and kind ruler to millions.

He is appreciative of the love and loyalty that he receives from them, and does everything in his power to spread goodness and happiness to everyone. 

He was once a diligent Knight who vowed to fulfill his duties to protect his home from Darkness . He reflects the virtues of a good king who cares for his people.

Though it may be questionable how many stories diverged from their original plot, Pure Vanilla Cookie is considered the fairy tale's protagonist, boasting an average level of public admiration across the world.

He desires to rule with love, justice and righteousness instead of simple force. One of the goals in mind is to unify the three kingdoms which exist outside his own to end the destructive warring and establish another golden age where every race leads happy lives.

The ruler of the magical land of candy, he hails from the Sunandia Kingdom and is the younger son of Queen Vanilla, who rules that kingdom with him. Always kind and fatherly, Pure Vanilla Cookie is a pure-hearted man who shows much wisdom and empathy for those around him.

He is seen as the epitome of many virtues. 

An all-loving ruler who genuinely cares for the well being of his kingdom, Pure Vanilla Cookie is a wise and benevolent monarch. Despite using his magical powers to help the people of Sunset Valley, he remains humble over his abilities and earns their respect in return.

He is a symbol of what a true king should strive for, the embodiment of all we wish our rulers would aspire to be. 

His storied history tells of how he arrived upon this very land in a boat bid from home, almost toppling over during his ascension up the beach on a small island in the sea, with nothing but a single shoe and his magic wand.

The mere fact that he ensured proper representation for all peripheral territories when such a system was previously unheard of earned him more respect from those whom he had chosen to give roles in his Cabinet, even the retired ones. 

Pure Vanilla Facts

  • His appearance is an ice cream sundae with fudge-covered vanilla cookies, vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Whenever Pure Vanilla Cookie runs, his ice cream grows bigger because of his pure nature. He runs so fast that he leaves a trail of sweets for other players to follow as one of his abilities.
  • A balanced cookie who was born on September 3rd, Pure Vanilla Cookie loves vanilla ice cream, is great friends with another one of his cookies named Cookie Monster, and he's famous for being the first cookie. Every time Pure Vanilla Cookie's eyes open, his staff's eyes close.
  • Pure Vanilla is the immortal son of the Jelly Kingdom's King, the rightful heir to the throne, but he was locked up deep in the Jelly dungeons by an unnamed dragon. 
  • Pure Vanilla escaped from his cell after the Dragon went into hiding and he soon founded his own kingdom known as the Cookie Run Kingdom. 
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie was the first and only cookie to have heterochromia iridis. The left side of his face is a faded blue, and the right side is a pale yellow. In addition, he has cream-colored ear fondant that can be worn off to reveal his gray-blue colored ear. His left eye is green, and his right is orange with an eyelash mark for the pupil and a darkening around the edges for dramatic effect. On the top of his head, there are knobs that are used for balance.