Pumpkin Pie Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 15, 2022
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Pumpkin Pie Cookie Info Card

Pumpkin Pie Cookie knows everyone enjoys the best holiday baking, and her costume is always top-notch. When she's not decorating a pumpkin or seeding a pan of sugar cookies, you can find her making sure the Epic Halloween Masquerade goes off without a hitch!

She wears a stereotypical witch hat and carries an Elder Wand. The hat is a reference to Harry Potter.

Some folks hover over their pumpkin pie with a measuring cup. We think that's a little bit too much work, which is why we made the Pumpkin that floats down from the sky. You just need to eat them!

Her Candy Corn Dress comes with a matching parasol, and she has her own pet Jack-O-Lantern to carry around in her basket. 

She loves the holiday season so much that she even brings gifts for other cookies! Maybe if you give her a nice home, she'll share her treats with you.

She is a heirloom Pumpkin Cookie fated to be a Medicine for the soul. 

Her cookie power is distinctive in its delightfulness that brings out the wild animal inside you, and she can make time stand still under the influence of her scrumptious pie... err... cookies. 

Nonetheless, she has been used by royalty in the past so one can only wonder what kind of status will befall those who use her widely.

They can be found wandering the streets of your kingdoms, but only during Halloween season. Take advantage of special items that come along with the spooky package. 

That includes custom Trick or Treat Cookies, new buildings, Castles of Wonder, and even a brand-new spider species!

What we do know is that she can be spotted at night on the streets during Halloween, standing quietly while others dressed in costumes run around. 

Her origins... remain a secret, though some say she was once a real, living pumpkin. The only thing she seems to show an interest in is Halloween itself and the candy that goes along with it.

They say seeing is believing, but that doesn't apply to cookies made out of pumpkins. 

Her gooey pumpkin filling adds the perfect amount of sweetness to this autumnal favorite -- you'll love her crispy graham cracker crumb crust and cinnamon sugar sprinkles! 

Plus, she's fun to make with simple ingredients you've got in your pantry, like sugar, brown butter, and an egg.

She skill makes Pompon grow to a giant size, inflicting melee area damage on nearby enemies and reducing the amount of healing they receive. This lasts for a given period of time, depending on the level of this skill.

She possesses a unique skill that can continuously deal melee area damage up to three enemies for a given period of time.


This mid-height pumpkin pie cookie has medium-dark dough and another autumn leaf sprinkling on top.  Her emerald green eyes are accented with dramatic, drooping black lids for the top lashes and two white bottom lashes on each eye. Her mouth is painted in a coy smile to spread joy this Thanksgiving.

Her long eyelashes and coy smile are inspired by sweet summer days when we crave a pumpkin pie cookie just like this one from the bakery down the street.

Her eyes are lined with black eyeliner and framed with long, dangling eyelashes. Her full lips are colored a rich, glossy red.

Her olive green shirt is decorated with a picture of a bumblebee on one side, as well as her name. She has a yellow bow and a bright halo that makes you wonder if baked goods go to heaven when they die.

These delicious Cookies are baked to look like the favorite fall dessert, and they're sure to bring back fond memories.

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Pumpkin Pie Facts

  • It runs a little bit slower than other cookies, but you can make up for it by running along with it. This cookie is also quite skilled at launching Pumpkins.
  • Her origins are a mystery, as is the location of her home. Although she seems to have no natural defense mechanisms, she is able to survive on her own in deep space without any form of shelter, and she immediately evolves if given sufficient nourishment. However, if called by the wrong name, something horrible could happen.
  • All students should feel lucky to be able to enjoy one of these tasty treats whenever they please─just don't mention Pompon's name while eating or else... Who knows what might happen!
  • The voice actress for Pumpkin Pie, Kaede Hondo drew inspiration from her favorite New York-style pumpkin pie and spent days perfecting this recipe before finding the perfect balance of spices, sugar, and pumpkin flavor. Talk about a labor of love!