Potion of Gun Friendship

Oct 1, 2021
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It spawns friendly skeleton warriors that follow the player and shoot enemies with piercing, non-elemental bullets. Combining it with Blasphemy potion will make skeletons immune to enemy bullets while shooting their own. 

Giving this potion to the Skeleton Merchant will make him sell you cursed guns for cheaper prices, while giving it to The Collector makes some of his drop chances scale up over time, but he may also curse your guns in the future.

It can be used to enhance a gun with friendship and hurt other players while hurting yourself. 

If the player already owns a gun that is friendly towards them, then they will lose that gun and will not receive any benefits from this activity (the description is "You lost something you will never get back...but the magic of friendship still lingers around you."). 

Active items can also be used while not having inventory space. Item timers won't be paused while the item is in use, but will stop if the player runs out of ammo Can coexist with other active items such as Rocket Boots and Wings.


The effects of the Potion of Gun Friendship are straightforward. It’s a recipe found in the shop area of Old Merchant Stockpile, hidden under a breakable table. 

While carrying the item your gun damage will be 30% higher, along with doubling your fire rate and halving your reload time. 

The most important effect however is the 10x multiplier on knockback which will open up new strategies that can be made more efficient.

While most special items affect how your Gungeoneer handles themselves and their Gun, Potion of Gun Friendship gives you a huge boost in damage at the cost of making it harder for you to aim.

Other Items: Sixth Chamber, Book of Chest Anatomy

Potion of Gun Friendship 101

In Enter the Gungeon , a glass bottle with a cork is a potion that gives a few perks.  

It can stack to six, giving various effects with each. However, removing the cork from a potion of gun friendship will release a tiny cute creature, and if they are reloaded, it will shoot a seemingly harmless glass bottle. 

It has a chance to stun enemies.

Upon pickup, it applies the E-Friend buff to the player, which makes bullets fired ricochet towards enemies and damage them if they're hit. It also adds a glass bottle as a secondary weapon, which has a chance to stun enemies on impact.

Drinking this potion will form a green heart that flies off and hits an enemy on the other side of the room (the direction it hits in depends on your character's team).

I've previously written about the (imo) most powerful weapon in Enter the Gungeon , the Udjat Eye. What I thought was an overpowered weapon with unlimited potential is eclipsed by this lore-friendly shotgun, the Potion of Gun Friendship.

It summons a duplicate of the player's current weapon, which fires at nearby enemies for as long as the item is active.

It will generate a duplicate version of your current gun that will keep on firing until it runs out of ammo or is destroyed.

While the potion of gun friendship is active, a friendly lil' snake pops out o' yer gun and shoots at whatever enemies are close by. It's not too useful for shootouts, but it can still come in handy!