Platinum Bullets Item in Enter The Gungeon

Nov 18, 2021
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Platinum Bullet info card

The Platinum Bullets upgrade is a gun part that can be found in Enter the Gungeon. According to the flavour text, it grants extra damage and an increased fire rate to any gun it is attached to.

Its pickup quote is a reference to the Stephen King novel and film Carrie, which features telekinesis. 

The character Carrie gets a period of telekinetic powers after wishing for it in the aforementioned movie, and the quote "If I had my way! I'd kill them all!" has become synonymous with her.

They are small, rounded bullets made of platinum which are awarded for shooting ten Shopkeepers without being damaged by them.

The melee attack on the platinum gun is replaced with a laser beam that pierces through enemies and ricochets off walls for additional kills.

This upgrade item will increase the damage and fire rate of your active weapon. 

It seems very similar to Ruby Bullet since it also increases your weapons fire rate and gives a small damage bonus. In this case the upgraded version comes from Platinum instead of a type of Gemstone.


This item increases your rate of fire and overall damage with every bullet that hits an enemy, stacking on top of itself until it's 4x as powerful. 

On top of the stacking effect, each time a bullet impacts an enemy, it will do an additional 3.5% damage for every subsequent impact of the bullet on the same enemy until the bullet is spent after hitting up to 11 enemies. 

There is a cap on how much damage the gun can do with this item equipped before it reaches that cap. This item also has a chance to proc a "Charged" version that has increased damage and immunity to knockback and slowdown effects for a number of seconds.

This wand-but-not-really type of gun fires in an upward angle, and increases damage with every bullet that hits an enemy. It produces explosive bullets which can home in on enemies, but has no spread.


Beam weapons were at first made for firing large beams across the room, but the increasing fire rate has led to their downfall. 

Beam weapons lose arguably the most out of any weapon due to increased fire rate. 

They already fire slowly, and increasing the fire rate lowers them to any other weapon in terms of firing speed.

The Minigun is a special gun that has two modifiers that it can hold, the fire rate and damage bonus. When you pick up the item, it will be holding one of these modifiers. 

When you switch to another gun, it will lose its current modifier. If the Minigun loses either modifier while it's not being used, there is no way to get them back without picking up the item again.