Pig Item in Enter The Gungeon

Oct 1, 2021
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Pressing use will spawn a transparent Pig familiar that slowly follows the player around. It blocks enemy shots and explodes upon contact with an enemy, destroying nearby bullets and damaging nearby enemies.

When it makes contact with an enemy, any nearby Beams will be focused on that enemy.

The Pig does nothing on its own, but when picked up, it halves the speed of all enemies and bosses. When dropped, however, any player who touches the Pig will be slowed as well.

When held, the Pig familiar will fire one of three projectiles continuously, each with increasing accuracy.

The sell-value of Pig is 100 cells, but no crystals are received upon selling it.

Other Items: Potion of Gun Friendship, Bullet That Can Kill The Past 


The Pig familiars can be summoned by two items in Enter the Gungeon: the Piggy Bank and the Bunny. These familiars do not take up a heart container when summoned, but otherwise differ from each other in negligible ways. 

The Pig summons a Red Pig, which follows the player after a brief delay. 

Upon use a baby pink piglet will appear and follow the player. 

It does nothing but wander around aimlessly for a few seconds after joining before disappearing again.

While people may find the run interesting and entertaining, there's little to take away from it (no lessons on how to play and likely won't be much strategy that others may pick up). 

Pigs on the other hand, despite being tiny adorable pink blobs, can actually teach us a lot about game design and why we should play with them as often as possible.

Many players feel that the Pig item is underwhelming and not worth picking up. However, there is a way to make this item useful and allow you to complete challenges without much hassle.

This has led me to do some research on the subject and test my own hypothesis.

Pig 101

The Pig, also known as the Cadet, is a passive item introduced in Enter the Gungeon's The Gungeoneer update. 

Alongside The Bullet and other items that can be found earlier on in the Gungeon, The Pig functions as a secret way to obtain an extra life for the character without spending a Cell.

As a bundle, it grants a few passive defensive effects to the player. But what if you use it in conjunction with your other items? Certain items can trigger a different beneficial effect when a pig is worn.

The item can be obtained by picking up a random item from a glowing box, or by defeating a Willet or a Shopkeeper. 

If one manages to beat the game without using the Pig, they will be allowed access to the Secret Room, which is full of rare and powerful items.

It drops powerful items, so it is usually worth it to play through the entire campaign again to have a second chance at finding it.

Being able to carry more bullets, at the cost of an extra life, the Pig is a gamble for players. While it can be useful in many situations, it can also lead to many deaths if not used properly.