Orange Gungeon Explained

Sep 14, 2021
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Orange is an active item found in Enter the Gungeon. When used, it will teleport the player to a random gun safe on any floor, including the Basement. 

It will then fire orange beams at the closest enemy, damaging him for 50% of his health, before teleporting back to the player if possible. 

If there are no enemies around the player when he uses the Orange, or if no enemies are alive after their health has been reduced, Orange will not teleport.

Orange fires a large orange bullet which bursts into smaller orange bullets upon hitting an enemy or reaching full ammo capacity. 

Upon activation, Orange's needles are fired in the direction of the player's crosshair at 120 degrees.

It fires a large slow-moving bullet that ignores gravity and can pierce one enemy, dealing a large amount of damage. 

After a long duration the Orange respawns at one of The Arms Dealer's shops.

It is a single shot weapon which shoots out a barrage of three orange rings.

The first ring will always be on the layer right before you, splitting into two rings that shake left and right then fly towards the enemy.


Orange items are consumable items found in Enter the Gungeon. 

They are usually rarer than other types of pickups, heal the player upon use, and will occasionally leave behind a yellow hand. 

Stocking up on these can prove beneficial in certain situations, although there are also enemies that drop them as well.

Orange Items in Enter the Gungeon have a variety of uses. 

They have a chance of being found in barrels, chests, Item Balloons, and Supply Crates. The effect they have on the player is always a surprise.

Orange, feel like attacking anything? Orange is the item that gives the player health back. 

This also works for enemies causing them to run towards a player with orange in their possession. They probably see a good snack in a player that has a fully restored health bar. Something they would love to nibble on.

The effects of the orange can be applied differently to different upgrade areas. Down below is a list of all Orange's effects and how they affect the character separately.

The Orange is a special item that will heal you 100% upon use, unless it's a Royal Ending. 

On the Desktop Version and Console Version, this item will heal you to full Life regardless of your missing health, however after picking up a second Orange, it will only heal you 50% of your Life. 

It appears as a giant orange needle with orange bands on it. 

Other Items: Spice, Prime Primer

Orange Item 101

Orange Shirt Kid is a character from Yungtown’s Black Hole Sun. He can be found in The Breach after the second boss, The Pilgrim. 

When the player enters the room, he will be holding a BB gun and will fire at the player. After he fires three shots, he will reload the gun with a full magazine. 

During this period, if the player has an AK-47 and reloads it while Orange Shirt Kid is reloading, Island Forme AK-47 will spawn. 

This is mainly due to how the bullets are fired with the AK-47, which is in a parabolic arc. 

The oranges are shot straight forward along with the bullets. 

This straightforward property of oranges makes sneaking up behind enemies easier, as there is no need to aim around them directly.

The Orange is one of the most used guns in the game. 

Not only does it last for five shots (the longest of any gun's magazine), but it also shoots needles with homing capabilities, meaning that homing bullets are homing. 

It also shoots out pears that bounce off walls and shoot bullets in all directions when they stop bouncing, meaning that slow projectiles become fast projectiles.