+10 No Man's Sky Ships Explained

Dec 21, 2021
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No Man’s Sky’s ships are special flying vehicles that allow the player to fly between planets, seek out resources and trade, battle and explore. 

They play an integral role in gameplay progression as they allow players to engage in space battles, explore space, store resources, travel to new star systems and even reach the center of the galaxy.

Throughout the game you will come across different models of different ships, but all of them have a number of similarities. 

Different models of starships have different attributes with some being better than others, and this guide will help you learn how to identify and acquire the best ships available.

The player can build their own path in the world and select if they prefer to explore on foot or if they would like to use starships for off-world transportation. 

No Man's Sky is a very captivating game and is largely responsible for bringing my attention to the new PS4. 

This game is also entertaining in that it has elements of different styles of gameplay, from flying around planets like I do in Minecraft, to exploring distant planets and stars as a space captain.

You've probably heard that video game developers have been hyping up No Man's Sky, the latest addition to their game lineup. 

This time they're selling space exploration. But if we think back on every space exploration game, they've all promised a similar experience: you are put in a world and can do whatever you want. 

There's just one catch: while the premise behind No Man's Sky sounds great, nothing is ever as it seems.

There are four different kinds of starships available in the game: demand, combat, trade and explorer. Under each kind there are separate categories with different ships within them.

Rasamama S36 Ship

The Rasamama S36 ship is the starting ship for all pre-Atlas Rises players and appears to function as a shipyard and base of operations for all players. Although the player can leave this starting location, they cannot access any of their inventory or freighters without repairing at least one of the other ships in the instances. 

This causes new players to hunt for materials to repair their ship and shipyard. 

The collector's club was created to help with this information acquisition by providing a central location for player collected data on these wares and also a place to share photos of them.

Although it may not be your dream starship, the Rasamama S36 is the one that gets you started on the adventure. 

If you would like to upgrade your ship beyond the limited scope of this starter ship, an upgrade strategy is detailed below. 

This is the first starship of every player in the game, which they find after waking up from the initial crash landing on a random planet. 

It is procedurally generated at the start of every game and cannot be named or claimed nor can its parts be salvaged for use on other ships. The ship is mostly composed of green and yellow metals found on many planets throughout the galaxy.

Many players back then were taking this ship as their first starship to explore their own solar system. Frankly speaking it was a very popular spaceship for many players since it was... well... the first spaceship offering a sort of bonding experience between players and their game character. 

The game provided a lot of fun moments to its players when they first gained command of this small ship. 

It is capable of fast travel but on the other hand, it also has weak shields due to its lightweight frame, alongside being not so effective when it comes to fighting against any pirates or enemy ships.

Horizon Omega

The Horizon Omega is not only one of three visually distinct "Ventura"-class starships players can discover in their travels, but it's also one of the most versatile. 

After upgrading to the Horizon Omega, players will experience increased weapon power and an upgraded hyperdrive—the latter which allows for rapid travel across long distances within the game's universe. 

Horizon Omega is a unique and exotic space vehicle that can be found orbiting space stations throughout the galaxy. 

Players who pre-ordered No Man’s Sky on PC will be able to find and claim this ship in their garage.

Yakomaku S79

Perhaps the most important ship in No Man's Sky's universe is the one that you begin with. Sure, you start out on a planet at the bottom of a hill, but it’s what you do next that really counts. 

It operates on four C-class power cores, and I have a feeling those are going to be hard to come by once we really get rolling out there once we leave the Great Plateau.

The Yakomaku is one of the first interstellar space vehicles that players are able to obtain in No Man's Sky, with no information readily available as to how it came to be where it is.

This ship is able to jump up to five light-years per hyperdrive usage. However, it has low shield capacity which means it cannot risk combat with other space ships. 

It is also designed primarily for short-ranged weaponry. Other than that, the S79 can be used to smuggle goods safely, as long as it does not come into contact with the Galactic Space Police.

I like the fact it has a lot of space for the inventory, unlike some other models. Other than that, there is not much one can say about it. 

As it's simple and unique design means most players will probably never find a similar model in their travels, unless they recreate one similar to the S79.

Golden Vector

Since the beginning of the No Man's Sky universe, there have always been rumors about a golden vector. 

This week, those rumors have come true. You can now get a Golden Vector in No Man's Sky. 

The golden vector is a new ship that can only be obtained by completing all the phases and milestones in the "Pioneers" expedition.

It won't be this color once the game comes out, and you can't trade it in-game

Basically, you're going to need a really good screenshot of this ship if you want to remember how it looked in game.

It's important to note that there are four non-combat ships available today in No Man's Sky which allow for quick travel around the galaxy. The Golden Vector and its variants are the fastest of the four.

It is a heavily modified Exploration-type starship that was designed for surviving in deep space, and making long-distance expeditions. 

It has been built with mandatory pilot-specific amenities for extra comfort during the crew's long journey.

Alpha Vector

Alpha Vector Info Card

The Alpha Vector ship is a limited edition exclusive ship that is awarded to PlayStation users who pre-ordered No Man's Sky. 

To claim the ship, you need to go into your Options menu and select Redeem Bonus Content. The ship comes with a pre-installed hyperdrive modifier which lets it go faster than other ships. 

You’ve been sent on a mission to the uncharted reaches of the No Man’s Sky universe and to help you reach your destination you will receive a new, exclusive starship – the Alpha Vector. 

The Alpha Vector is one of the most advanced ships in the known universe; capable of near warp speeds it is perfect for exploring uncharted systems and vast interstellar distances.

At first glance, the ship looks identical to the Explorer, a starter ship belonging to the Galactic Federation faction. 

But if you look closer you can see that it has a different color scheme and a larger cockpit. Its build is also different from other ships as it only has two thrusters and a single light on its underside which makes it look rugged.

Radiant Pillar BC1

The Radiant Pillar BC1 is a small fighter-type starship found in the universe of No Man's Sky, and is the starter starship for new explorers in the game. It can be found across the breadth of the Euclid galaxy, and has reasonable stats to keep you alive while exploring.

It is the starter ship for new explorers, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be outfitted for even the most cruelly challenging interstellar travel scenarios

The highly modular design of these uncommon ships ensure that explorers always have room to add more powerful engines and weapons. 

For example, with the help of a little imagination, you could outfit a Radiant Pillar BC1 for long-range travel by adding extra power generators.

The R-Series is an upgraded variant of the starter starship – BC1. It is known to be one of the fastest starships in the game and preferred by veteran pilots. Let’s find out more about the Radiant Pillar BC1 ship.