+10 Best No Man's Sky Exotic Ships

Dec 22, 2021
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Ships are the most important equipment in No Man’s Sky. If a player for example invests in a valuable warp cell to travel far distances and ends up with a broken ship upon arrival, he might as well call it quits. 

But that’s not a worry for noobs – or is it? The above mentioned story is an example of a false economy. Simply put: Getting ships from the galactic market isn’t a good idea if they lack in some or all of the three categories (Dmg, Shield, Hyperdrive). 

You should look to buy ships that match your playstyle. So what defines you best as a pilot? The answer is obvious: Exotic ships.

Exotic Ships are hard to come by and expensive to purchase. They're classified as part of the S-class ships, meaning they are among the fastest and deadliest in space.

It is also fairly obvious that there is a huge gap between them and the exotics. 

The first exotic we ever saw was Uncommon, however it had stats that you did not need two hands to count (and I didn't for this guide). None of them were an interesting buy, especially since we had never seen one before and were uncertain about grinding for new classes.

 To get exotic ships is not impossible, but very difficult as you have to grind a lot of engineering materials and blueprints before. I am sure you want the exotic ships, so you can choose two different ways to get them. 

First is, trading with other players or buying them on the No Man’s Sky Trading subreddit if it exists (It is not created if you read this first). 

You need to search for the best price and negotiate, but don't forget to check the other guy's reputation. Second option is building one by yourself. 

There are some S-class basic ship blueprints available on major trade factions which can be the foundation for exotics. 

Note that most of the exotics come from crashed sites in Atlas region, so AtlasPass is near must have item.

The Omen of Devastation

The Omen of Devastation Info Card

The Omen of Devastation Exotic Ship is a private vessel built around a 'Royal' hull with blue as principal color,  and decorated with gold and browns. 

The ship features high-end technologies for warp capability and shielding, making it both agile and robust. 

The single thruster main engine is accompanied by two boosters, giving a good balance of speed and agility. 

Its luxury finish includes the elegant Alcubierre warp drive, used by exiles from the 'Enlightened'. The ship also has three-stage shield generators powered by triple-channel Naquadah generators.

 Its golden color and regal design makes it the perfect display for your wealth. Don't let those pirates who tried to attack you a few days ago scare you off; get this beautiful ship now and earn yourself a little more respect from others.

Apart from the fact that this is the most expensive ship in the game (1,240,000 units), this ship is super rare. 

As you know, ships can be repaired using currency from black markets at stations. However, repairing this luxury flagship would require 50 Aurum - a currency that is only available in Ancient Vaults near Atlas Stations further adding to its exclusivity.

The Birth of the Ether

It was discovered by PS4 explorer Dandaman112 and first made public by Sean Murray here . This starship always spawns in S-class (the highest class) as a royal V-wing in orange with gold trim. 

This ship was found in the Hiuras-Tebas star system in the Dahiloci Conflux region, Huburb of the Galactic Hub. It can be found at the Space Station or any of the Trade Outposts in the system.

It is an Exotic-type starship in the No Man's Sky universe. 

The Ether was born during a conflict that was waged on Hiuras-Tebas between two powerful forces. 

The Conflict put into motion a series of events which lead to the Birth of the Ether and a new chapter in the history of the Universe.

This starship always spawns in S-class. It is on display in a gold-trimmed V-wing much like a golden Apple device or a golden reference to possibly Bitcoin… 

Although we have only found one of these ships, since then we have discovered 2 others, both of which were bred before I could get to them. Because it is an S-class, it requires an S-class (S1) hyperdrive.

Visionary Aimin III

It is a research-based starship, focusing more on scientific and exploration missions rather than combat. 

Because of this, it can hold a lot of cargo -- and has some generous equipment slots for its size.  

The ship is also fairly fast, due to its engine power and thrusters; however, it lacks armor for protection against enemy fire.

This starship was created as part of the Limited S-class Starship Design Contest, an event in celebration of NMS's first anniversary. 

The aim was to design a starship to fit a set of given specifications - while it ultimately didn't win the contest, I decided it would be fun to bring this design into existence regardless, and so here it is.

This ship was the personal, unique ship of its owner, Captain B. Johnson from the Warpian Race. 

It is equipped with a highly advanced hyperdrive, which allows for warp jumps of up to 15 ly's, with each 15 ly jump taking about 5 minutes to perform. It possesses a unique multibarrel design and front 'cheeks' which are installable modules on all its types.

Yurihamu of the Moon

Yurihamu of the Moon Info Card

Yurihamu of the Moon is a pre-order bonus, initially unlocked by players who pre-ordered No Man's Sky on PS4 or Steam before launch day. There is no known way to unlock Yurihamu of the Moon without having placed an order for No Man's Sky prior to its release date.

 Every ship you find out in the vast, uncharted reaches of space has a story attached to it. However, most of these stories are not particularly exciting and often just involve repair and retrofit jobs. That is not the case with the Yurihamu of the Moon. 

This massive carrier is an S-class starship and among the largest ever discovered by trading companies or explorers. But what’s so special about this gigantic flying machine? 

And why do some people believe it has alien origins? Let’s dig deeper into this fascinating ship!

This, combined with its modest fuel requirements, makes it extremely desirable to merchants who ply the space lanes. 

But most importantly, the 3 exotic-class weapon slots can be used for mid-to-high level weapons and makes the Yurihamu one of only a few multi-purpose ships in existence that can fight as effectively in combat situations as it can out in open space.

Anvil of the Nowadano

This is an Exotic-type starship in the No Man's Sky universe. This ship is orange with blue as the main colors. It’s easy to spot if you see one on the horizon, with the open orange disc on top referencing the stand out rocky structure…

The ship can hold up to 6 standard cargo units. This starship is excellent for trading, as it has class 4 shields and high maneuverability. It has a very limited armament, however, so you'll need to make every shot count. Overall, this ship is one of the best in its class and efficiency.

Hiwaz ME4

The luxury finish is pure gold. A mixture of ancient technologies in alloys. 

The ship, when viewed from the front, looks like an ancient flower or very small winged creature. Hiwaz ME4's wings are joined by a very small antenna on its back. This antenna is solid and extendable for interstellar communication.

This vessel was discovered by Starship Engineer Ali-Baba. This can only be obtained by scanning the uncharted starships. 

These starships are located in every corner of the galaxy and are also present near abandoned stations and log out points of space stations, but no guarantee that you will find one nearby your space station.

NX9 Riyame

The NX9 Riyame is a Naglfar-class Guppy starship, created by the Gek for NMS. It has the appearance of a metallic fish or shark with large 'wings'. There are 2 seating positions available and costs around 195,000 units at the ship trader. 

The exotic lifeform that comes as a crew member is a 'Korvax' plant type. This ship has an advanced setting in its navigation capability.

The NX9 Riyame (« Resolute Answer » in the Ghivarak language) is a starship constructed by the Guppies, a space-going species native to the star system of Vult. 

The Riyame was modeled after their natural environment, the Vulcan Wastelands, with a focus on resilience and speed over comfort. It was nicknamed Nachtmensch (« night man » in German) by Pekeen Quo.

The Sleep of Perfection

The Sleep of Perfection is a beautiful space yacht. It's one of the largest Exotic ships in the game and it also looks possibly the best, taking influences from both classic and futuristic themes. Functionally it doesn't come pre-equipped with much, but that's easily fixed. 

This ship is best suited for those who enjoy exploring or are on a 'quest to get all exotics'. 

The ship can be further upgraded with additional technology slots and an S class manufacturer boost to improve overall performance. 

It is one of few craft that has the capability to hyperspace travel. 

However, it is very fragile, which leaves pilots in an everlasting dilemma. 

The Sleep Of Perfection can only be obtained from a Ship Blueprints - Exotic Reward. Although it has low damage and recharge rate, the ship itself is ideal for exploration due to its impressive flight range.

Space ship enthusiasts have called it a 'sleeper,' and a vessel that's passed by in their screens many times with nary a second look. 

But the Sleep of Perfection is unique among a bevy of snazzy ships, offering folks like you, Mr. or Mrs. NMS Explorer, something special and potentially game-changing: everything-proofed technology and near-infinite automation buttons.

Todawa YT4

This Todawa YT4 is built around the Guppy hull with orange as the main color. It has small orange-gold wings and a clamshell outline engine. 

The luxury finish is pure gold. A lot of non-functional but puristic elements, as well as a truly fascinating design make this ship especially beautiful.

It has two sections: the engine section, and the main cockpit and wing section. 

The only difference between it and a normal guppy is its gold plating, as opposed to the usual yellow, orange or red paint job of a Guppy. It has no visible special abilities.

The Triumph of the Wind

It was discovered by Vy'keen explorer Chi'ta and uploaded to the Galactic Hub’s video log via the Galactic Hub Facebook page. 

It can be seen emitting a strong golden glow in space, with three bright orbs slowly rotating around it. 

This starship is capable of producing an ultra-fast hyperdrive signature, allowing the owner to seamlessly leave a star system and proceed to the location of another star system immediately after entering FTL.

This was one of my first discoveries. When I noticed that the type of the ship was exotic, I quickly tucked my mind inside it and flew toward the system nearest to Itrozova, not being able to wait until I would find out if this beautiful ship could be discovered again there. 

After I arrived in the system, I waited for some time as I couldn’t fly around the system immediately. Fortunately, after several minutes of my impatient waiting, an exocraft appeared on the viewscreen and I understood that there were lifeforms nearby.

It's immobile, so it can't be activated as a freighter, nor can it be equipped with warp cells to serve as an FTL-drive. 

It has no conventional weapons (the screenshot below should give you a good idea of how powerful the ship's backups are), but what it DOES have is three "overdrive" modules - one each for the Hull, Boost and Shield.

TE8 Ekinoham

The TE8 Ekantham is the main spaceship in the Exotic-type starship series. It was discovered in the No Man's Sky universe

The S-class version of this starship was located in the Drepung-Iva system, located in Pudding Shallows. This type of ship is designed to be both a "tough bird" and a "fast bird." 

It is described as being perfect for new colonists who are exploring space for the first time. This ship can travel at any speed that is required by its pilot.

The Ekinoham is a ship that appears to be a fusion of a number of different types. 

The pilot controls indicates that it's some sort of freighter, but the weapons (including four gun mounts) and engines (including eight plasma drives) are all military-grade technology. It's a good choice for someone who wants to travel with cargo but still has enemies to fight.

Prospect US2

The Prospect US2 is an original specification of the Isshin's family of luxury passenger ships, and it is one of a kind. 

Number US2 in particular is designed to transport large numbers of passengers in utmost safety and comfort. 

The ship embodies the values and ship design philosophies of the Isshin clan, incorporating both technological innovation and aesthetic value into the sleek design. 

It is heralded not only as one of the most luxurious vessels available for commercial use, but also one of the most innovative.

Kuyama XQ7

The XQ7 from the Kuyama spaceship manufacturer is similar to the Mosquito, a spaceship manufactured by the different Vy'keen. 

The frame of the XQ7 is orange with gold trim. It has small bottom fins and the large dual-thruster engine with gold accents. 

Two pulse engines can be seen in front of the cockpit, which feature alien elements unknown to human science.

It is an Exotic-type starship that is acquired through space combat. The Kuyama XQ7 may look like an unmanned drone, but it has a cockpit and two pilot seats with weapons targeting aboard the ship. 

It has a small circular hallway with the cockpit in which 2 passengers can sit, but passengers will not have a view out of the windows.