Moon Rabbit Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 23, 2022
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Moon Rabbit Cookie Info Card

She is one of the "Moon" Super Rare types and the first one to get a new position priority in the Front Hall after the big Front Hall revamp. 

She is known for being one of the most useful Epic cookies with her 100% chance for +2 Luck Attacks, complemented with her great skills, she can be an essential part to have on your cookie team.

Wherever she goes, springtime rains last for three days and trees follow behind her in her wake. 

Moon Rabbit Cookie is drawn to moon bunnies because of its soft form and great smell, so she will only eat your character if you are one. 

She always brings with her the Moon Mortar Picnic from the Abundant Harvest Festival and shares it with anybody she runs into.

Her Power and Health are high, but are offset by her lower Speed and Skill. Her skill boosts the further the distance is between her and the Epic Boss, so you have to keep Moon Rabbit Cookie far enough to stay alive, but close enough to maximize her damage.

She is a chocolate-chip-flavored cookie that throws moon rabbit balloons in exchange for Cookies and Gems. Moon Rabbit Cookies are considered as an "Air Support" type of Epic Cookie, due to their appearance resembling moon rabbits.

Her story begins when she falls into the beautiful world of dreams filled with fantasy and happy memories. The endless night sky seemed endless, and the stars looked like dreams. 

She is the only guest on the moon and is curious about everything that happens in this new world. At the same time, everyone here treats her as a very important guest , because of her lovely nature.

Her Moon Rabbit Cookie is often seen throughout the kingdom showing up unexpectedly. Her mischief as well as acts of kindness have made her popular among the residents of Cookie Run Kingdom.


With her ability to transform into a Giant Rice Cake Bunny, she can effectively support the team with long-ranged attacks, and even protect everyone from danger with her Healing Rice Cake.

Moon Rabbit Cookie uses the Giant Rice Cake Bunny skill to jump up and down in the sky, dealing damage to all enemies and marking them with Rice Cakes. When marked enemies are defeated, they will drop Rice Cakes that restore HP to all allies!

He wants to learn more about our world, so he disguises himself as a player in order to come down to Azwan and experience everything here.

This skill is particularly useful for taking on harder challenges. It also allows allies to [X] Moon Rabbit Cookie's back to eat the Healing Rice Cake left behind, restoring HP over time. We think that their skillset will be quite a good addition to any clan!


Like other cookies, she's made of peach-colored dough and scarlet eyes; her sleeves are decorated with gold lemonade-pink and matcha stripes. She wears baby blue satin shorts and a garish red shirt. Moon Rabbit Cookie holds a cream-colored songpyeon (a type of rice cake) in her hand, which is the source of her hair…

Her special ability, Crescent Moon Kick is activated with a tap of her sprite on the screen. She also deals bonus damage to enemies behind and next to her as well as herself.

She is often depicted bringing cookies to children, thus they are a symbol of love and happiness. In the past, Moon Rabbit was known as an auspicious figure and many Koreans ask for great fortune and success from her in New Years' congratulations.

She is a very active character in Cookie Run and by far the fastest of all runners. 

However, Moon Rabbit Cookie’s speed is sacrificed for her easy to land dashes. When those dashes miss or simply get blocked, you'll start to notice her vulnerability since she has below average HP and magic stats. 

Though, it doesn't mean (despite its weakness) she's going to be targeted first by enemies; still, it's best to keep some distance as much as possible with this character.

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  • She has a humorous and superstitious personality, claiming that she can control it by herself. But, her only method of doing so is mainly via praying to the moon. As such, she also carries a mortar and pestle to aid her in this regard (presumably with her pet mortar and pestle)
  • When she finally does get her wish, she'll be waiting patiently in your Kingdom for you to summon her and make new friends!
  • A gentle woman with a generous heart and a flawlessly sweet demeanor, Moon Rabbit Cookie's tribe gave her the name "Rabbit", but what they meant was special. Her eyes sparkle like the stars of a clear summer night, and she's always happy to see new faces when she offers her cookies to visitors.