Mimic Tooth Necklace Item Explained

Nov 19, 2021
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Mimic Tooth Necklace info card

It used to be the only way of opening the chest behind the boss knight, "The Hollow", but players can now unlock it with some coins.

The Mimic Tooth Necklace is a necklace in Enter the Gungeon. It is a red choker that looks like a mimic, and will scare away any enemies when worn. It has a chance to drop from a normal-difficulty Mimic. 

It can be used to unlock all chests in the game - including the locked ones in the final boss fight - since Mimics drop an item or a gun upon death.

As soon as a player enters a room, the mimic will then spit out a chest to lure them in. 

They hate bullets, but love loot! Ironically, due to a bug in the game they will drop a gun instead of an item if left alive after being shot.

I will never forget my first drunken playthrough of Enter the Gungeon. I was playing with a friend late into the night, and we had gotten to a part in the game where we got stuck, unkillable enemies were spawning all around us, and our health was dwindling. We managed to get to a chest, but it ended up being empty. 

Not wanting this trend to continue, one of us typed in "Mimic Tooth Necklace" into Google's search bar while blindfolded. 

If you've played the game for any amount of time, you know what i'm talking about.


When equipped, it will create pedestal Mimics every time the player walks over an item pedestal in The Breach, with the exception of Master Round and Old Crest pedestals.

It has lots of items to find, lost in the procedurally generated dungeons. When you find an item pedestal, you must carefully examine it before dropping all your coins. But what if this is not a real item pedestal? 

What if it's an evil mimic who is waiting for us to drop our coins? 

It will eat them for breakfast then there won't be any chance to get that one special item.

In order to select an item from a pedestal, you have to look at it using your peripheral vision and then press shoot to grab it. Among all of the trials and errors I went through, there was a particularly curious item pedestal that I didn't know about called a Mimic Tooth Necklace. 

Let me give a brief background on what a Mimic is in the game before I delve into the details of this specific item pedestal.


The item allows players to carry more guns which in turn leads to less reliance on consumables such as keys, gun parts, card decks and teeth. I really wanted this item in my inventory when I played the game so I was wondering if someone could mod it into the game. Luckily there were people willing to help and now this item can be added to your arsenal in the game!

It is obtained when you eat the heart of a Mimic in the secret room in the right half of the Old Royal Library (the second area). 

The description reads ​"Hooray! Your chest isn't a mimic anymore!" 

When This item is picked up, chests will not be mimicked any longer, but not before opening them. Although many items and chest types exist that make chests safe to open, this necklace does not allow them to stay normal. 

For example, a chest becomes a mimic back again if one opens it with a key, even if it becomes a mimic later on.