Metronome Item in Enter the Gungeon

Nov 23, 2021
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Whenever the player kills an enemy, they will gain 1 Ammo. This effect will not increment if the player is killed, if the enemy is impervious to damage (such as through use of Secret Sauce), or if the player/enemy has less than 1 pixel of health (or simply dies in one hit). 

Metronome does not return ammo for any secondary weapon that can be exchanged for primary ammo via an ammo swap.

This item will increase your DPS by 1 every time you kill an enemy, stacking up to 100. Killing an enemy that has already reached the maximum bonus will reset the counter to 0.

It grants a gameplay mechanic where "music plays at random, increasing your damage rate. The music will change with each action". 

This grants the wielder of this item to have an increased attack speed and overall damage when using any secondary weapon.

The bonus projectile is launched at the same speed and direction as the original shot, but deals 10% damage and dissipates on contact with enemies. The bonus projectile's lifetime and maximum range is 50% that of the originating attack's. Enemy shots, such as those from Mimics and Flying Enemies, never receive this bonus.


It is an automatic, and increases the player's damage by 2% for each enemy killed (up to 75 enemies), and does not reset upon entering a new room. 

This makes it very useful for clearing large rooms, and for dealing with multiple enemies at once. Because this weapon increases damage as the player kills enemies, it is best used immediately after killing an enemy or boss to take advantage of its effects as soon as possible.

When a Game Developers Conference 2014 panelist wanted to delve into the then-upcoming Enter the Gungeon , they showed off that +150% damage bonus as a big selling point. 

I've talked to a lot of developers about the title, and many of them didn't realize that this bonus had been dropped from later builds due to its above-the-curve power level.

The Metronome is a gun which fires a fast, multi-hit bullet pattern with increased critical chance and increased critical multiplier (if any). 

It can be found in treasure rooms, shops, or by killing the bosses. It's the only gun automatically given bullets, making it useful for bosses.


 When triggered, it will cycle through all the weapons available to the player, similar to the overpowered weapon Dpad Up+Primary Fire. After cycling through all of them once, it reverts back to the first weapon it spawned with.

All of these enemies will be spawned at the location of the player who activated the Metronome. 

Each enemy that is summoned belongs to a monster family, and there can only be one of each monster type that is summoned.

While it's active, as long as there's at least one enemy on screen, it will shoot bullets weaved through organ-like tubes that circle around the room, hitting enemies and destroying terrain. 

Also, every time the bullet comes back to him, he catches it and loads up another shot.

Metronome is a boss, and it has a unique mechanic where its Bullet Frequency resets upon gun swap. This means that if you swap your gun just as Metronome deals damage, the bullet frequency will reset to 0 and deal extra damage on the next cycle. This can be used to slay Metronome with just one main attack, and is notoriously known as a key mechanic in early-game "Blessed" runs. 

Because these Blessed Runs involve switching guns with each death, it is crucial to keep this rule in consideration when developing strategies for the Sorceress encounter.