Madeleine Cookie In C-Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 24, 2022
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Madeleine Cookie Info Card

Madeleine Cookie is a highly sought-after Epic, who can be considered an upgrade to the already popular Chocolate Chip Cookie. His position is prioritized to the front, allowing him to protect your lower defenses from being attacked, and increases the amount of DPS your whole team can put out with his combos.

She's very good at "something else". Good protection against ranged attacks, especially very strong ones.

At least, if you have a Madeleine Cookie to hand. She's a mighty powerful Epic Hero that can help you out in every Kingdom, although she'll come at a pretty hefty price. 

Make sure you've got 57 Pet Points to pay her up front, and be sure to give her potions to keep her going through the battle. She'll be worth it!

She can be found on Island Garden after the Heroes of Reknor arrive there and take down Mung Daal's army near the end of Aqua Road. Madeleine Cookie was friends with Snow Sugar Cookie as children, but often found it difficult to understand Espresso Cookie's dreamy way of thinking.

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Talent: Commander's Honor

While being attacked by your enemies, this skill can be activated to temporarily eliminate them from attacking you and allow you to cast ranged attacks for a period of time. Most importantly, this skill makes Madeleine Cookie immune to all debuffs, so she will continue to do damage without getting slowed down!

The unique nature of the cookie is due to her creator, fairies and magic power. Madeleine Cookie is a brave girl who never stops exploring dungeons even in the midst of a battle.

Ever since her victory in the arena, she has been assigned to train as an apprentice in the art of magic by Lady Mavis.

 She uses a bow poisoned with basilisk venom. Her poison and injury-curing abilities together with her mobility allows her to save an ally before retreating from enemy attacks.

If she is called forth into battle she'll need all the skills that her Goddess has given her to survive. 

One of the useful (and incredibly powerful) skills she possesses is Commander's Honor. With this skill, She can perform ranged area attacks from non-adjacent tiles in front of her. 

She can also use a powerful healing ability that allows for two team members to regain 40% of their hit points.

On the day of his Commander's Oath Taking ceremony, he received his first sword - the Sword of Radiant Light. This sacred sword has been in Madeleine Cookie's family for generations and will serve him well throughout his journey as he defends his home against any invaders.

Since then, he has been living with that shame. His shining armor and sword were bestowed by the Divine and grant him great powers. He is young and brave beyond his years, but still believes himself to be unworthy of them.


  • Madeleine Cookie is a pastry that differs from the Cookie Kingdom's signature treat, Espresso Cookie, with its distinct almond taste and checkered appearance. 
  • Her passion for making cookies really shows as she exhausts herself in every battle she takes part in.
  •  Their only hope was to reach The Free Islands on faraway land. Thus began a desperate quest for new land in search of one’s own paradise: The Madeleine Cookie.
  • Madeleines are the quintessential, classic French cookie. Often found at the teatime after, or the breakfast table before and in a variety of shapes and flavors. They're very light on the tongue, with just a hint of sweetness and a pleasing texture, similar to that of a sponge cake.
  • Everyone loves her baked goods, but she knows there's one person who loves them more than anyone else—you! Join Madeleine on a journey through the lands of Cake Hounds as you collect baked goods and golden coins. Help her make it to the end to set up her own bakery!
  • These cakes have a unique textured crunch, with a smooth center and are perfect for tea parties or as a snack.
  • They are a red cookie with a ribbon, and male voice. He also has pink frosting on his head resembling hair. His abilities are making recipes, and running very fast while holding a giant cookie.