Lucifer In Helltaker Explained

Dec 27, 2021
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We had a number of players be obsessed with developing a strong friendship with Lucifer in the game. Lucifer is actually a powerful demon that suits the title as the "CEO of Hell." 

This entity is not to be trifled with, and so her relationship with these players in the actual storyline gets awkward, in an amusing way. 

There are some unique events that further contribute to this comedy.

With each passing day, Lucifer in the royal court of Hell had to fend off the growing crowd of challengers (And not just men) vying with her to take over Hell, and thus attain her throne. 

For she was once the queen of hell, and before that a minor demon who headed a band of malevolent spirits.

Lucifer is an outcast of the Pantheon, whom she sees as judgmental. 

However, it is seen that she was sent to Planet Coaster due to her success in firing up a crowded area and causing massive traffic jams, which caused the organization to not want to lose a client. She doesn't speak up much, so how Lucifer feels about Rocky is never shown. 

If the player bothers her later on, she'll react in the same manner and will cause traffic jams again.

Throughout her adventure, she encounters puzzles that involve her infamous crush on the mage Isaac. Since their eyes first met in battle, when Isaac defeated Lucifer and obtained the crown from her, she has been madly in love with him.

Lucifer is an extremely powerful demon that serves as the second boss of the game, using fire-themed attacks. 

She wears a tiara atop her head, and a silver, red and blue kimono with a honeycomb pattern embroidered on the bottom.


The youngest demon in the Helltaker cast, Lucifer is a powerful and beautiful winged demoness with a bloodied past. 

Each of her eyes are said to be a different color, both having red irises. 

She wears a black wool dress over brown skin, and has matching horns. Her tail is arrow-tipped, and the feather tailpiece she sports is the same color as her hair.

 While Lucifer is a demon, this doesn't mean she's evil. She's very kind-hearted and is possibly one of the nicest characters in the game. 

However, she can be very secretive, oftentimes hiding things from her friend. 

When angry, she might appear despite her good nature as cold and serious, instead of the cute girl she really is.

Lucifer is the closest thing to a 'main villain' in the series, and by far the oldest character present. It also worth noting that she's the only character aside from Hell itself that isn't fully human. The reason for this is stated as being because of a curse she placed on herself after losing a battle in Heaven, this curse makes her reside in Hell forever. 

After being sealed away, she was bound by a spatial rift until it was eventually found by Conan, causing her to take him as an apprentice and now once he gains his inheritance and ascends to become Satan, he will free Lucifer and make her queen of hell. 

At first she seems very nice to Satan and cares about her new brother but then quickly changes into someone obsessed with power and respect who has little actual care for Satan himself.

Lucifer is depicted as a demon and based on the mythological character of the same name: a fallen angel and the ruler of Hell. 

On her first appearances, Lucifer appears to be a calm, cool and collected girl with little interest in anybody except for Dulio, who she was fascinated by and wanted him to become her "Pet". 

After Lucifer's attempt to make Dulio her Pet failed and he left her, Lucifer became mentally unstable and was prone to a serious bout of insanity which made her aggressive against any person that came near or insulted her.

She spends most of her time sleeping in a nondescript area (called Hell's Waiting Room), and is known to appear occasionally to heckle her younger sister Mephisto. 

She's a notoriously bad character with a dry sense of humor, and an admitted death hobbyist, and therefore doesn't fit the typical demon stereotype.

Come Across

Lucifer's Encounter in Helltaker is the story of a man trapped in a mysterious world full of skeletons, zombies, and other creatures. 

He feels regret for the evil deeds he committed in his previous life. 

However, he doesn't know how to repent. As a result, he experiences many difficulties on the way to finding the way out of this strange world. It sounds like fantasy, but it's really another dimension that resembles Hell.

Lucifer's Encounter In Hell is a fast paced 3D twin stick shooter with the twist of navigating three levels of hell while fighting through angry demons, collecting souls and completing various challenges in what may be the first video game about death.

The most challenging and rewarding boss in the game. 

Highly skilled players will be rewarded for their efforts. Fear not, a failure does not always mean a lost battle. You may be able to continue and attempt at a better time. Another path is being released when the game is out of beta.