Loremaster In Helltaker Explained

Dec 26, 2021
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Loremaster Info Card

An extension to Subject 67's story, Examentaker. Loremaster is the master of Hell and Azazel in the future, as well as the new ruler of Hell's fallen side. The very embodiment of chaos, she is an unpredictable being that serves under no one. 

Yet who knows what power lies beyond the horizon.

Loremaster In Helltaker wants to reclaim all the lands of the fallen god Lucifer. 

To accomplish this goal, she leads her army, the Old Gods and their forces against the army of Subject 67 in a massive battle.

Many great villains have come into the game, Azazel being one of them. 

After repeated failures in his quest to conquer the world, he has decided to put in a new plan that is sure to succeed. 

Loremaster is a powerful enemy that will definitely test your skills, but is also a valuable ally if you want to defeat the upcoming evil mastermind. Her intelligence and ability to manipulate space is far beyond anything you've ever seen before in the Town of Salem, so be on your guard.

Loremaster was the ruler of Hell when it was still ruled by Lucifer and his demonic army. 

Some time after the Anti-Christ was conceived and born, Loremaster decided to take her place as a sidekick to the Anti-Christ by possessing a human being. 

She eventually came across his future side Azazel (his present side is Subject 67) and possessed him. After she became his new side, she used her great power in conjunction with his magic to kill Lucifer and take her rightful place as the ruler of Hell. 

She appears in the form of a short, innocent looking girl almost identical to her good part Azazel. She wears a long trench cloak, is unusually pale and has crimson eyes. 

She is capable of spontaneously changing from cute little girl to monster.


Loremaster has been seen in the form of a woman, though in that form she does not resemble a human being very much. Her feline body is pale, with long hair and horns painted white. 

As a demon, Loremaster is capable of transforming her arms into cybernetic lances and machine guns at will. 

This makes her a dangerous opponent in combat, as she can attack from both melee and long range. 

Her lengthy hair hides two retractable sets of horns; the first pair follow her usual inclination to stay hidden, while the second pair are deployed when she's angered, making her attacks more powerful. She also possesses a tail tipped with an arrowhead and tipped with black spikes, which can be used as an extra weapon in battle.

Beginning in the early hours of Sunday morning, she attacks Jesse's school through various methods, some of which involve summoning demons to her aid and attacking under their influence. 

Her intent throughout remains the same: the destruction of Helltaker's corrupting influence upon Earth. 

This she pursues on both metaphysical and physical fronts, using sabotage and assault to bring down Helltaker's top fighters.

Her body is entirely synthetic, with some prosthetics so she looks like she's wearing clothes. She has a tail that ends in an arrowhead and the nails on her hands are also shaped like arrowheads. 

Loremaster gives the appearance of being dressed in a white and crimson business suit with black dress shoes. 

She wears a lab-coat with rolled up sleeves and safety glasses to give her the appearance of someone who is actively conducting research. 

Her skin is pale as it gives the impression of someone who does not get much outdoor activity.


The Loremaster is a master of the Dark Arts. While it's not uncommon for a diabolist to suffer from demonic possession, the Loremaster has managed to create something of a symbiotic relationship with her demon patron. 

She channels her Demonic power via her runes, which form the pattern in which she creates and inscribes them. 

So long as this pattern is not broken; her powers are hers to control.

Loremaster is an unusual angel, with a distinct personality that forms in Hell. 

Her body matures into a mature physique and grows to 3 meters tall, yet her mind remains that of a child's. 

She is cheerful, affable and enthusiastic, full of compliments for her subjects. 

This also makes her more sympathetic towards them, granting them power boosts when she feels they are hopelessly outmatched by the demons!

Loremaster is an incredibly powerful demon who possesses the ability to become anything she desires, as well as manipulate reality according to her thoughts. 

She is able to channel her demonic powers in order to achieve these feats. 

Functionally, Loremaster is essentially the reverse of Azazel; while he uses his powers to make things that already exist appear different, she can transform herself into a completely different entity.

The Loremaster is an Advanced class character unlocked by surviving for 2 hours with another player in multiplayer and getting their Right Hand. She deals friendly fire for self preservation, has a passive skill that summons her Beloved Scientists (if she has either of them), and attacks with a Scythe that might fuse enemies into Newborn Workers from Hell during its attack.

Some Facts

  • Loremaster is Azazel as a demon and a boss in the video game Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, however, she is a minor character in Grand Guignol Story.
  • The starship Loremaster was a lighthouse-class exploration vessel that served the Angel-class mothership Trinity. After transitioning to this dimension, it was intercepted by the demons and became the personal ship of one of the most powerful demons in history: Demon King Azazel. The ship was heavily damaged after the arrival on Earth with only its cryogenically frozen crew surviving. However, their fate remained unknown for over 50 years until a chance encounter with another spaceship awakened them from stasis and sent them down a path leading back to Hell.
  • Loremaster is an enemy and boss of Chapter 2, who holds the Forge property. Her main attack consists of summoning two legions of demons to attack the player, and casting a unique spell called "Wing Flap," which deals a considerable amount of damage to one enemy as well as splash damage to other units on the same column.