Loot Bag Gungeon

Sep 15, 2021
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This is a pretty neat item. It rolls how much money you get every time you get money, and also gives you lots of other benefits. 

It can give you Guns that usually cost 4-10 coins for free, or guns you've never found before. 

But the only downsides are only having 1 wallet slot to hold your coins, and nothing happens if it replaces an item in the shop.

The game has a total of 10,200 (+1.4k with the Mellinger's Thinly veiled_machismo unlocked) items. Loot Bag is a very notable item because it has a 5% chance to replace an item in the shop or a 100% chance if the Biggest Wallet achievement has been unlocked, and costs 9999. 

This makes it have a 1/(11024 × 0.05) = 0.0047% chance of dropping from any given standard enemy. With the Biggest Wallet achievement unlocked, this increases to a 1/(3906 × 0.0047) = 1.15E-6 ≈ 1×10-6 chance of dropping from any given standard enemy.

Now that the secret is out, Loot Bag is definitely a very interesting item. 

For one, it's not an item you get from the shop, but rather you get it when you kill an enemy. 

The trick here is that you get to pick if you want the extra item or the coins. 

That means if for example you are about to spend all your coins on items, then killing an enemy would allow you to save some money.

The randomizedness provided by the Loot Bag is perfectly suited to a game with numerous items, enemies, level themes etc. 

Since its effects can be spread over multiple rooms, it does not become obsolete so fast compared to other, more powerful items which are normally used in one specific room or situation. 

It can be considered an alternative to using Warp Whistles for speedrunning purposes. 

However, the item itself is somewhat useless due to the variety of guns that are available in the game.

Upon purchasing the item, The Shopkeeper will be replaced by a treasure chest. 

Whenever the player purchases an item from the chest, they will receive a random gun and gain two Coins. 

The shopkeeper groans in agony and says “There goes my livelihood” before transforming. 

You can still buy items from the chest after completing any boss or miniboss fights. 

However, because of this replacement, it is impossible to access the Warpstation from the chest because The Shopkeeper will not skip any rooms while navigating through the ship.


The Money Shot is a tear effect that grants twice as much money than normal, except in the case of Duke's wager and money from the Talisman of Wealth; this includes both drops from guns and corpses and cash payments from the Sell Creep and sales to Shopkeepers. 

The effect can be gained through item pickups (such as Rare Items) and by using certain weapons (such as the Blood Bank).

Money makes the world go around, and in Enter The Gungeont it’s no different. Money is important for buying items and ammo and paying off debts get the idea. 

Considering money plays an integral part in both satisfying your own greed and saving the looter you love so much, it’s something we should always pay attention to, just as we do with real money.

Taking damage will cause the player to drop random amounts of money. 

The amount dropped starts at 15% of the player's total money, up to a maximum of 120 (the game rounds up). 

At first glance, this seems like it would be a bad thing, but if you're getting hit for full, 100% damage it will heal you by 15% of your money. 

What's even better is that it's completely independent of any other healing perks or items, so if you've got The Body and Pentagrams equipped at the same time, they'll stack additively.

Loot Bag 101

Soft Bullet, or "dropped money", is an item in secret rooms that gives the player $1 every 3 seconds. After picking it up, the money can be recovered by standing still and shooting straight down into a pit. If the player is destroyed while holding it, the dropped money will teleport back to the player's current location instead of falling into the pit and disappearing forever.

If you haven't played Enter the Gungeon, you should definitely check it out. 

It's a vast improvement visually and mechanically over its predecessor (literally). 

When dropping money into a pit, the loot usually gets lost due to the point of reference being on the opposite side of it. 

This is a fairly small issue that could have a huge impact on a player's abilities to buy items from one of my favorite merchants in gaming, Kablooey.

Now, you’re probably thinking that this is something that can easily be duplicated by just standing over the pit and then walking backwards into the pit. And that’s true! 

That’s as long as you can walk as fast as money drops. 

Imagine standing on the other side of the pit and shooting at piles of coins – they would all teleport to your side of the area!

Other Items: Spice, Ballot, Brick of Cash