Licorice Cookie In C-Kingdom Explained

Jan 12, 2022
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Licorice Cookie Info Card

He is known to be the leader of the Licorice family, being a veteran player of the game, which allows him to be highly skilled with his moves. Though he may seem sweet on the outside, in Jin's perspective, he is very ruthless and willing to do anything that earns him gold.

Until IAP5, Licorice Cookie was the only Heroic Cookie that set their targets on Princess Leia. 

He got his powers in The Chocolate Depths, became a playable character in A Rival Arrives! update, and was given the front line spot in The Cookies' Parade update.

He is a brown cookie with pink icing. His special ability is that he can seriously decrease the HP of Dragons. He likes the number 2, his favorite fruit is orange, his best friend is Chocolate Chip Cookie, and his favorite color is blue.

He's a battle-hardened veteran of more than 1600 battles, but unfortunately for him, he was just defeated at the hands of our Hero cookie. 

Cunning and conniving, he is known for his obsession with food and lavish accommodations. He dreams of being able to rule the world from his many castles; bejeweled palaces where he can lounge in luxury while feasting on an assortment of sweet treats.

For as long as there have been cookies, there has been one person who looks out only for himself: Licorice Cookie. This greedy guy once tried to take over the Cookie World, but his plan was foiled by our hero Billy – and he has nursed a grudge ever since.

He is also a glutton for desserts and delights in eating various ingredients. 

He was once an ordinary little monster in the kingdom who loved to eat cookies, but with his extensive knowledge in cooking and baking, he has become the one and only Licorice Cookie!

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This dark-magic warrior is perfectly attuned with the skills of a brave and fierce warrior, but his personality is best reflected in his outspoken words. On the streets he can be heard shouting such quotes like, "Have you seen how my head is shaped? I'm pharaoh." or "Gimme your lunch money or I'll use mind control on you.

The objective of the player is to reach the last level; however, his path is full of dangers and it will not be an easy task.. 

These cruel rulers had been ousted from power by their own people years ago due to their inhumane, barbaric practices at a time when brooms were not yet invented. 

A new era had dawned in this once-fair kingdom and magic had become an accepted practice throughout the land, thanks to its courageous Queen whose name still lives on today. 

This peace was short-lived, however, as someone snatched up a sickle from a nearby farm field one night and cut down both former rulers while they slept.

Talent: Licorice Servants

Her cookies are gone! Now it's time for Cookie Run Kingdom's Princess Licorice to make new ones. But, getting the ingredients won't be easy-what with those pesky monsters around...Oh no! 

The Licorice Servants are being knocked off the screen by those nasty little things! Quickly summon the Licorice Servants before the monsters gobble them up!

Kingdom, players can take on quests and collect materials to synthesize them. 

You can also purchase Grimoires by using Crests or inviting friends to play with you. 

Throughout the Cookie Run world there are all kinds of monsters, but none more deadly than The Legendary Black Lightning and Licorice Servants. Each time this skill is used new Licorice Servants will be summoned, so you can continue to back-up your Licorice Servants with reinforcements!

Facts About Licorice

  • Licorice Cookie is a big wanderer who roams the Cookie Run Kingdom. He contributes to the growth of his kingdom by earning points as he travels, acquiring fame, and gathering coins. He always leaves with a smile on his face.
  • He has thick, bushy eyebrows and a varied selection of weaponry at his disposal. His character is basically the same as his original, but he also has a few new features including a unique idle animation and special job skins he can wear.
  • Their mission is to protect the kingdom from the evil Licorcake; a chocolate cookie that's actually a tyrannical murderer who wants to take over the world. The Candy Council must help Licorice against his psychotic endeavors!
  • She is the only character to be playable in all areas of the game. She can dash, jump and glide. Her move set is similar to the Fire Flower in Super Mario games, as she shoots out a fireball that can burn zombies, making them vulnerable for a short period of time.