Latte Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom Explained

Jan 4, 2022
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Latte Cookie Info Card

Passionate and friendly, the kind-hearted Latte Cookie is a self-proclaimed "cream puff connoisseur" and devout student of the Parfaedia Institute. 

Not that she ever did anything but study – even in her younger years as a part of the Parfaedia Council of 12. But when the Institute was destroyed, her life purpose was lost. 

After a particularly trying time of being lost and without structure in her life, she met a man named Eligor. 

He convinced her to focus all of her academic prowess on Astromancy class, teaching it when the revered Astromancer Charles disappeared. 

Now finding her true calling and path, she is determined to do everything she can to keep that which was founded by Charles's brilliance and legacy alive.

As a scientist and professor at the Institute, Latte Cookie has devoted her life to magical research. 

As is to be expected of one who specializes in circles. For this reason she has knowledge on advanced magic circles that surpasses anyone else in the Kingdom. The magical power within her own cookie enables her to utilize even further advanced magic circles.

Latte is an elegant and sophisticated Epic Cookie who strives to spread the powers of magic and wizardry. 

She spent most of her early years in Paris, training with a well-regarded master wizard who helped her develop incredible magical powers. 

Now Latte can open portals to other dimensions, duplicate herself, or even transport herself and others across the galaxy in the blink of an eye.

She easily makes friends with almost everyone she meets and enjoys baking sweet goods inside her Atelier. 

Despite being more book-smart than school smart, she has no trouble getting good-grades. Her best friend is Cream Puff Cookie, who she spends most of her free time with!


Cookie's ice magic allows him to conjure an object that attracts enemies to its center point, dealing damage and silencing them. 

The object remains there for a moment and then disappears after doing damage over time and greater damage to enemies in its center.

You can't have a Skill without a name and this one is called the Latte Cookie! I hope you like the logo! This skill will conjure a Glyph that attracts and damages enemies while Silencing them. 

The Glyph remains on the field and deals damage over time. If it explodes, it deals greater damage to everything nearby.

Light an enemy on fire and leave them vulnerable to further attacks with this skill. Latte Cookie summons a Glyph that burns enemies in its radius before exploding. The explosion does five times more damage to enemies inside the Glyphs center.

Summon a path to victory with an army of these cute yet powerful creatures. 

As you progress, your mastery over them will grow, allowing you to deal more damage and earn greater rewards. Design an unbeatable team of cookie cards strategically customized to overcome any challenge! 


Lattes contain milk and coffee, both of which are known to be produced in the Milk and Coffee Tribes. It is unlikely that a kingdom would accept workers from such different backgrounds. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Latte Cookie is of mixed race between these two tribes.

On the island where she lives, there is a long-running dispute between the Milk people and the Coffee people. Latte Cookie is caught in the middle and strives to get everyone on the same page.

In Cookie Run, these two ingredients can be combined to create a new ingredient used in a variety of recipes. 

The Latte Cookie is a product of combining Coffee and Milk, so it seems natural that her personality reflects this mixture.

Latte Cookie Facts

  • Latte Cookie, who rose to fame in the hit game Cookie Run Kingdom, has been a fan favorite since her initial debut. The Runner Queen made a name for herself by being both stylish and kind-hearted. But how did she become so famous in the first place? It all began on January 20th, 2013 when Latte Cookie joined her kingdom's Music Festival as the Princess of Pop. It was to be her biggest stage yet, and many thought she'd be no match for the original Princess of Pop – Seulgi Cookie. After all, the original princess had been performing for years, and was loved by everyone for her charismatic singing voice and super sweet voicebank.
  • Latte Cookie is an ally of the Princesses and a denizen of the Candy Kingdom. He has a scarf similar to that of White-Lily-Cookie, because he tends to wrap it around his mouth when he is frightened, similarly to how White-Lily-Cookie covers her mouth when she is frightened.
  • It was Espresso Cookie who first discovered the fabled Cookies' world, as he darted from his coffee plantation one day to see what happened during the night. He went on to explore this new world, and often returned to report his findings to Latte Cookie. They had many adventures throughout their friendship, but none so memorable as their quest for the Key of Glaze (a magical item that can only be found in the dungeon at the center of the kingdom) whose power enlarges anything it touches. Through unknown lands they faced giants, goblins, yetis, and even a Mouth Monster that almost devoured them both.