Lament Configurum Item in Enter The Gungeon

Nov 7, 2021
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Lament Configurum Info Card

Lament Configurum is an item found in the game, Gungeon. It spawns all enemies at random, including bosses. Since it is an active item, you can use it even if you don’t have full health. 

However, there are risks with this technique which makes it dangerous to attempt, but can sometimes be worth it for either achievements or challenge attempts.

The item is used to summon one of 8 bosses. These enemies are generally more difficult than normal enemies, though not by much. 

To spawn a boss, the item must be in your inventory and you must fire it in the direction of a boss's altar in a room. 

The item automatically activates and summons a boss in the room when all criteria are met.

On a recent stream, a clever viewer suggested a weapon based around this item. 

I loved the idea and decided to make one - hence the Lament Configurum. 

This is a gun that creates living bullets from your tears.

The Lament Configurum spawns a chest in the middle of the room containing one random item, with a chance to spawn more than one. When an enemy is defeated, there is a chance for them to drop a music box.


The Configurum looks like a black book with orange text on the edges of its pages. 

When you use it, either 3 to 5 enemies will spawn, or an item or gun will be created if you open it (if you do not unlock it then after using it one more time, the game will tell you that you need to use it X more times before opening).

This gun has the ability to open after using it a certain number of times, requiring a crowbar each time. 

Each time you open this gun, it increases the number of times you have to open it by one. 

The number of uses this gun takes to open can be reduced with items found throughout the game, such as bullet worms and the Little Friend.